Winter Pool Party: It’s like an early summer

Photo by James Meeks



By James Meeks

Cameron University continued their “We Hate Winter” theme for the semester with a Winter Pool Party on Jan. 26.

The event, which the Programming Activities Council (PAC) sponsored, consisted of students socializing, dancing, lounging by the CU Fitness Center pool and, of course, swimming.

Steve Sassaman, Student Activities Specialist, oversaw and planned the event with fellow PAC members. Sassaman explained the event was held to get the students’ mind off the cold and to bring some of the summer cheer out.

“Our welcome week theme this year was to beat the winter chill, so I thought why don’t we do a pool party this semester,” Sassaman said.

According to Sassaman, the event was originally going to be during Welcome Week, but decided to hold the event later in the semester.

“We try to hold an event every week,” Sassaman said.

Sassaman said he is to not be a fan of cold weather, so the indoor pool was set to a warmer temperature for swimmers to stay warm as if it were a nice hot summer day.

This year’s winter, however, has been a surprising one. Temperatures have remained somewhat warm ranging from the 60s to as high as the 70s. With the weather being not as cold as expected, Sassaman explained that the pool party served as more of a relief from the warm weather.

“It hasn’t been super cold, so the water is warm to give you that fun beach time feel,” he said.

Sidney McCormack, an active member in PAC, was one of the student workers overseeing the operations during the pool party making sure party goers were having a good time. She explained the event’s relaxing and relieving nature.

“Nobody likes the winter time and you want to feel like you’re in the summer again,” she said.

McCormack also explained that the event had been planned for two weeks and made sure that everything was ready and set up during the day of the event.

“We got the snacks, drink and we made sure that we got a lifeguard,” she said. “We made sure everything was taken care of.”

PAC’s next event will be “Game Night” at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 9 in the McMahon Centennial Center Ballroom.

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