Taylor Swift: Hits the Big Screen

Taylor Swift: Hits the Big Screen

By: Kemar Noel

On Oct 13, Taylor Swift released her movie, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” to theatres.

The country girl from Tennessee, Taylor Swift has been making her mark in the music industry since her late teens and has continued to break records consistently throughout her career.

Swift’s new movie has made a big impact on the movie industry with her “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” movie being a huge success at the box office. The movie amassed 92.8 million during its opening weekend making it the highest-grossing concert film of all time.

Swift when talking about her ongoing tour faced the question of how she came to the decision to perform songs from each album. 

Taylor answered this question both on her tour and in the movie. The Eras Tour came to be because of the pandemic setting the whole world back. 

With four albums being released that hadn’t been performed on any tours, she was left in a bind for what she would have to pick and choose. Swift, being the pop star she is, decided to sing songs from all her albums and would call it “the eras tour.” 

Eras is a term that her fanbase has come up with when talking about a new album.

Swift has ten studio albums currently so her performing songs from every single album is amazing in and of itself but the fact she is singing for three hours a day multiple times a week is insane. 

The tours have been doing amazing and have grossed over $700 million since its release. 

Swift has been on tour since early 2023 and expects to continue into late 2024. 

Since the tickets are expensive and not many people can afford to buy them. 

Tickets are hard to come by for a reasonable price so the Eras Tour movie is an affordable alternative that doesn’t disappoint.

The movie starts with an introduction from Swift before she sings one of her hit songs “Cruel Summer.” From then on, she continues to sing songs from one album transitioning into the next. Each album has a different feel to it so each album had a scenery change of sorts to help match the aesthetic in the film. 

The attention to detail and the costume design matched up well with whatever song she was singing. During the “Folklore” section of her performance, she was able to set the tone perfectly as she sang on stage alone. This part of the album also showed her amazing storytelling ability with her song “Betty.”

When Swift performed “All Too Well” to end the “Red” era was my favorite part of the movie. “All Too Well” is one of the most ambitious that she has written, extending the original song to 10 minutes. Swift paints the scene perfectly in this song and can tell her story in a way where we can see exactly what she means. 

Swift has a way of making people feel things in her music that they haven’t felt before with her lyricism and strong storytelling.

“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” was more of a concert than a movie. Swifties sang and danced to the music while enjoying themselves to the best of their abilities. Some AMC theatres also joined in on the fun and gave out not only posters but friendship bracelets to try and make it feel as much like a concert as one could.

Overall, the movie was amazing and the experience people can have with others only adds to the amount of enjoyment someone could have during this movie. This is without considering the amazing audio and visual design taken throughout the movie. 

Each song and transition from one album to the next helped to build and connect itself throughout the film making another story in a way. Each of Swift’s songs tells a story from her life, experiences imagination and shares an overall story that pushes the concert along. 

While this concert movie differs greatly from how audiences watch and enjoy traditional movies, I still think it not only met its target audience but managed to make a foreign concept work exceptionally well. 

I rate this movie a solid 10/10 for the Swifties and think everyone who likes good music to give it a real shot.

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