Reflecting on Horoscopes

Reflecting on Horoscopes

By Skylar Teddington

Staff Writer

Feb. 19 marked the beginning of Pisces season according to the Tropical Zodiac system, and it will end on March 21.

The Pisces constellation depicts two fish with the brightest star (or star system in this case) in the constellation being Alpha Piscium. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have a Pisces in their life knows just how empathetic and creative they can be.

It’s like their warm personality matches the mild temperatures and thawing snow their season brings! It’s best to handle your Pisces friends and family members with care, though— their sensitive nature can lead to big feelings when it’s time to criticize them.

Regardless, a Pisces is one of the best signs to have in your circle because of their compassion and open-mindedness.

Every sign has their own element and modality. Pisces is a water sign, which is made obvious by the fact that they are represented by two fish. Pisces’ element connects it to the other two water signs on the Zodiac chart: Cancer and Scorpio. However, unlike the other two, Pisces is a mutable sign.

To be mutable is to be changeable, so those born as a Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius are said to be the best at dealing with change. There are also many talented people who have Pisces as their sun sign, including Rihanna (born Feb. 20) and Albert Einstein (born March 14), so be proud of your sign!

Whether Pisces is your Sun sign, Moon sign, rising sign, or even your Mercury sign, you’re bound to have a touch of kindheartedness or an imagination that’s as deep as the ocean. Or maybe you’re just not so great at taking criticism, that’s still valid.

In addition to an element and a modality, every sign has their own ruling planet— except Leo, Leos are ruled by the Sun which is a star. Neptune rules over Pisces, and it is one cool planet, no pun intended.

The ice giant is the farthest planet from the Sun, and it’s dark blue hue is perfect for representing a water sign like Pisces. Not only is Neptune a gorgeous planet, but there’s also some very interesting things happening underneath the clouds.

In an interview with Gravity Assist, astrophysicist Naomi Rowe-Gurney said that there may be a chance that diamonds rain down in the atmosphere, due to the immense pressure of the atmosphere humans would never be able to dive into the clouds and grab some diamonds.

Although it is disappointing that the hypothetical diamonds aren’t up for grabs, it is really cool that diamond rain is a possibility.

Lastly, here’s a horoscope for all of our Aggies, even the ones who aren’t Pisces: Take it easy, you’ve earned it! It’s in a Pisces nature to kick back and relax, but you have pushed through and handled all of your responsibilities despite all of the chaos surrounding your life.

Whether you’ve just finished your midterms or persevered through a personal issue, feel free to take those personal days off or treat yourself now.

No, seriously, data has shown that there is a connection between mental well-being and productivity. If you don’t take care of your mental health, you may find yourself fatigued and facing burnout and that can affect both your school life and your personal life.

Your mental health matters, so take care of it. The key to a successful semester is rest and recuperation, so don’t feel ashamed of yourself if you need to take a load off for a while or a shoulder to cry on. You’ve got this!

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