Voices: Thoughts of life beyond college

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James Meeks

Staff Writer 

The road to college is almost complete. I have one more semester to finish and many changes are ref lecting the end of this journey.

I will be getting married during the summer, quitting the job I had during my college career and I am now working towards the profession I wanted to do upon entering Cameron.

When I came here I simply wanted to just get my degree learn the ways of Journalism and move on with life. Never did I imagine that I would learn a whole new aspect to this field as well as find another love — radio.

The skills I have learned from Dr. Keller and Mr. Adams have been invaluable and these abilities are worth more than just a piece of paper with my name on it. I will be taking these technical and critical talents I have learned throughout my career.

I learned AP style basics from Dr. Keller, and I have taken my love for writing and creativity and put it to use alongside my peers every day by writing for The Collegian.

I learned how broadcast and print have converged. Bringing my love of writing and affection for radio together has allowed me to have a role in both fields. This new admiration for radio would not have been possible without the teachings of Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams taught me how to write and produce radio news stories and commercials.

These lessons actually helped me get a job in radio and launched me to where I am now. The knowledge I am gaining from the classes and the in-field experience of this profession are what I believe will bring these two fields together and making the fields of broadcast and print further together.

Each journey has a beginning and when one ends, a new one begins, from one lifestyle to another.

After playing with action figures and video games, hanging out with friends and working at a restaurants in high school to studying and writing papers and articles, I am slowly getting ready to go from the college lifestyle to the beginnings of a working adult.

I’m not sure how the adult lifestyle is going to be without the worry of homework and exams anymore. The school life is the only one I’ve known since I was five years old and now I’m getting ready to leave it behind for a new one — adulthood.

I have gone from school to married life with the girl I have loved since my senior year of high school, to now only having to worry about bills and the house rather than homework assignments.

No more waking up early just to finish assignments. Now the only time I will be waking up early is when I have to arrive at work early for that day to take on an assignment for a story.

The final school bell is getting ready to ring, the bell that will put an end to my academic career. I will continue learning throughout life, but the time has come to focus on other things such as spending time with my future wife and getting ready to start a family.

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