Cameron opens doors for inside look

Story by Teewhy Dojutelegan

Video by Paola Troche

Prospective students had the chance to learn about the opportunities that are available at Cameron University on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the Aggie Sneak Peek.

The Aggie Sneak Peek is an annual fall semester event where potential students — usually high school juniors and seniors — and their families are introduced to life at CU and to the resources that are available.

Frank Myers, the Associate Director of Enrollment Management, discussed the importance of the Sneak Peek. Myers said the event affords both students and parents the chance to hear about various resources that Cameron provides.

“The Aggie Sneak Peek is our fall preview day designed for prospective students to come visit the campus,” he said. “They get to learn about what we have to offer.”

According to Myers, the prospective students registered when they arrived, got a Cameron T-shirt and breakfast, and then learned about issues such as the admission process and financial aid. A student panel was also on hand to answer questions.

After the opening session, which ended at about 11 a.m., parents and students were ushered to the Aggie Rec Center to the browsing fair.


Myers said the browsing fair gave participants the opportunity to talk to representatives of different organizations and departments.

“In the browsing fair, we had student organizations, student support services and academic programs all set up booths,” he said. “Prospective students could walk around the fair and make decisions about what organizations or departments they would like information from.”

According to Myers, most departmental offices were opened so that the prospective students could have first-hand conversations with professors.

Myers said more people participated this year than in the previous year.

“We had a rough count of about 110 students,” he said. “In total, we had close to 300 people there, an increase from last year.”

After the browsing fair, the Cameron University Aggie Ambassadors took attendees and their parents on a tour around the campus, showing off the various buildings and facilities available to students. These prospective students were also shown CU housing, as well as given information on how to go about living on campus.

Hailey Harris, senior Graphics Design major and president of the Aggie Ambassadors, talked about the significance of the Aggie Sneak Peek.

“The Aggie Sneak Peek serves to show high school students the importance of choosing a higher education,” she said. “It also helps to inform them about Cameron University.”

Harris attributes the contribution of the Aggie Ambassadors to the success of the prospective student event.

“The Ambassadors are a link between prospective students and college life,” she said.

The Aggie Ambassadors have the responsibility of representing themselves, along with the rest of the CU community. It is quite the responsibility, but Harris affirms that it is also a privilege.

“The Aggie Ambassadors have the opportunity to answer questions, give advice and make these students feel more comfortable during their transition from high school to college,” she said. “During the Sneak Peaks, they give campus tours to show the prospective students and their families a student perspective of what Cameron has to offer them.”

The Aggie Ambassadors can be seen, and often, ushering new students around Cameron University in their gold polo shirts. The main responsibility of this team is to plan, implement and carry out orientations of new students.

Applications to become an Aggie Ambassador are available upon request, and more information may be found for any interested parties at ambassadors.

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