Volleyball is on a roll after two straight

by Brandon Thompson

The Lady Aggies are off to a hot start. CU began the season with a 2-1 start in conference play with a win over Texas Women’s University and Texas A&M Commerce.

The Aggies are already exceeding expectation with just three games into LCS play. The Aggies, coming off a big win at Texas Women’s University, saw an even greater opportunity to knock off Texas A&M Commerce.

Malyssa Acton, a Texas native, started her senior season off with high hopes for the Aggies.  Acton said that she thinks the season is already going better than many people expected.

“I think we are really meshing as a team; we are off to a good start and doing better than people expected,” Acton said. “We are just going to keep getting better.”

Acton said that she credited the win against Texas Women’s University to increasing team chemistry and consistency.

“Our team chemistry is far better than it has been in the past,” Acton said. “We played as a team and we were consistent, things we have struggled with in the past years.”

As Acton and the Aggies headed toward their Saturday matchup against Texas A&M Commerce, they understood the enormity of what this match could do for them and the rest of the season.

“If we can beat a team like Texas A&M Commerce,” Acton said, “it will definitely change people’s opinion of us.”

A few hours later, the Aggies made Acton’s prediction come true. The Aggies jumped off to a quick lead taking the first set. The Lions then rallied in the second to even the score.

The Aggies roared back, taking the third set from the Lions. As the Aggies and the large crowd at the CU Gym began to take a breath, the Lions came out in the fourth set and once again tied the match.

The fifth and final set was one for the ages as the Aggies held on for a 15-13 victory over the Lions.

Acton said before the match that she thought the teams’ strengths were their ability to rally score, solid defense and everyone stepping up their level of play.

“We have amazing defenders,” Acton said. “Our defense just keeps rally scoring and we have a pretty consistent offense.”

Acton’s words rang true throughout the Aggies match against the Lions. The Aggies ability to rally score and offensive consistency led the team to a thrilling win.

The Lady Aggies are sure to build on the momentum carried away from this win to reach their season goals.

“We are planning on making the conference tournament this year,” Acton said. “I can guarantee that is one of our main goals.”

According to Acton, the more games the Aggies play together the better the team will play as a whole.

“We are a lot more comfortable with playing with each other,” Acton said, “it will only get better.”

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