Dance team to turn heads this season


Video by Tiffany Martinez, Article by Aaron Gill

Look out Aggies, there are some new girls in town who are ready to make heads turn. The Cameron University Athletic Department has recently made the decision to field another team to their 12-team arsenal.

The 13th team is that of the Cameron University Pom Squad. Head coaches Brooke Wojick and Korie Brox will be directing the team along with their cheerleaders and are excited about the new addition to the Athletic Department.

Coach Brox is really looking forward to seeing how this addition will help at games.

“We really wanted to incorporate a spirit program into Cameron like most bigger Universities have to enhance the game atmosphere,” Brox said.

There are many people on campus that have not heard of a dance team this semester. Brox said that there has not been a recruiting standard set just yet.

“Being in our first year,” Brox said, “we have not had the opportunity to recruit yet.”

The addition of the dance team could possibly be a game changer in the Aggie men’s basketball search for a conference championship this season.

“We are looking forward to seeing what the dance team brings to the game atmosphere at Cameron,” Brox said. “We feel that having two spirit teams on both ends of the court will really help with getting the crowd involved.”

The head coaches have been speaking with the Athletic Department about fielding a dance team since they took over the cheerleading squad last fall.

“We have discussed having a dance team at Cameron for about a year,” Brox said.

As with anything else when putting a plan into action there has to be an idea that turns into a presentation and then, hopefully, the idea can turn into a reality. The coaches did just that when it came to their dream of a dance team.

“We proposed the idea of a dance team to the Athletic Department,” Brox said, “discussing all of the possibilities a dance team could bring to the University.”

During the proposal the coaches gave specifics as to how they thought the crowd and community would respond to having multiple people on the baselines at basketball games as well as volleyball games.

“We talked about how the team would be dedicated to representing the University in an energetic and positive manner,” Brox said, “while entertaining Cameron fans at all home volleyball and basketball games as well as numerous campus, charity and corporate events around the community.”

As with any other University funded sport, there are incentives for those who qualify for them.

“Room and tuition waivers are offered to those who qualify,” Brox said.

The dance team coaching staff is looking forward to not just having the team but they are also intent on turning the team into a lasting tradition in the Athletic Department.

“Our expectations for this year are to build the program up so that it will be a lasting tradition at the University,” Brox said.

Just like with any other sport the coaches want to promote an enthusiastic atmosphere and they believe the dance team will do that.

“Having the dance team support the athletic teams by generating crowd enthusiasm and by fostering school spirit and loyalty to the Aggies,” Brox said, “will add even more greatness to Cameron athletics and we are really excited to see what the year brings.”

The Aggie dance team is hard at work as they prepare for their first game as the women’s basketball team takes the court for the first time at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15 in the Aggie Gymnasium against Barclay College. If interested in trying out for the Cameron University Dance Team, contact the Athletic department to set up a meeting with Coaches Brooke Wojick and Korie Brox.

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