Wohlers named 2010 Oklahoma Political Scientist of the Year

by Rebecca Craft

Cameron History and Government professor Dr. Tony Wohlers has received a very prestigious award from the Oklahoma Political Science Association. He has been named the 2010 Oklahoma Political Scientist of the Year.

The award recognized Dr. Wohlers for his outstanding achievements in research publications and for his active participation in OPSA.

“I have been involved for several years in OPSA, serving as the program coordinator of the 2008 OPSA Annual Conference, OPSA President in 2009, and member of the Editorial and Executive Board of the OPSA,” Dr. Wohlers said. “I also maintain the official OPSA website. In addition, I have published with many professional journals and edited books in the areas of electronic government and biopolitics.”

Dr. Wohlers’ leadership positions are not limited to only those in the OPSA. At Cameron, he serves as the Academic Research Director and coordinated the 2010 Oklahoma Research Day. According to Dr. Wohlers, over 60 Cameron students and faculty made presentations at the Research Day, which is more than have ever participated in the past. While the event was a success, he felt that much of that was due to the hard work of those helping him.

“As the coordinator, I, in concert with many others on campus and across the state, organized the state-wide event,” Dr. Wohlers said. “The organization of the conference entailed a great deal of planning, ranging from catering, selecting speakers, organizing the submission process of research abstracts, dealing with numerous vendors that provided conference relevant material, and many other tasks. Given the magnitude of the conference, all of it would not have been possible without the support and hard work of many on our campus.”

With numerous services and academic achievements credited to his name, Dr. Wohlers’ work at Cameron is not unnoticed by his colleagues.

“Professor Wohlers is one of the hardest working, most talented professors at Cameron University and has excelled at teaching, scholarship, and service since he joined the Department of History and Government in 2005,” Dr. Lance Janda, chair of the department of History and Government, said in a Cameron press release. “We are extremely fortunate to have him as a colleague and as a mentor and teacher for our students. He is extraordinarily deserving of this award.”

Dr. Wohlers suggests that students interested in research find a mentor of their own to help guide them through their college years.

“Identify what really interests you, pursue it with all of your heart and intellect, and be persistent and always curious,” Dr. Wohlers said. “While this is a general rule, I also would seek out a mentor who can guide and help focus your interests in political science. Such a mentoring relationship between you and your professor can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your academic career and can instill in you a life-long interest in politics and related research.”

For those interested in the world of political science, Dr. Wohlers noted that there were several opportunities to get involved at Cameron.

“University campuses in general provide a nourishing environment to learn about and get engaged into politics,” Dr. Wohlers said. “Here, for instance, the Department of History and Government organizes a number of public events like Constitution Day, Public Policy Forums, Election Watch Nights, and Conferences that allow any student to get a taste of what political science is all about. Moreover, our very engaged faculty often seeks the active involvement of students in debating political issues during class or as part of a number of club activities organized by the Political Science Law and Politics Club.”

Overall, the honor of being selected for the OPSA award has been a special experience for Dr. Wohlers.

“Given that there are many others who deserve this recognition, it certainly is humbling and a great honor to receive this award,” Dr. Wohlers said.

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  1. Congratulations, Dr.Wohler!Your involvement in so many venues is very inspiring. Major applause to a very deserving instructor.

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