Fix your fashion sense: Faux pas becoming more prevalent, more ridiculous

by Amanda Phillips
Collegian Staff

Throughout history, the world has witnessed many changes in fashion trends, both for the better and for the worse. Presently, it seems we are experiencing less conformity and more freedom when it comes to dress. The ability of individuals to express themselves freely in their clothing choices is wonderful; however, there should be some level of respect maintained so other members of society who are forced to witness their wardrobe preferences aren’t sucked into the vortex of their fashion hell.

One of the most frequent fashion miscalculations committed by members of the public today is wearing apparel specifically designated for inside of the house outside of the house. Honestly, do you have to wear your house slippers to Wal-Mart? Or anywhere else outside of a five-foot radius of your home? It doesn’t matter how comfortable they may be or how big of a rush you were in, this south of the ankle fashion faux pas is never appropriate and always tacky.

Unless you’re on your way to or from a sporting event, sweatpants are another item that should strictly be reserved for inside of the house use. Ladies, it makes no difference how cute they are, how much they cost or if they say “PINK” across the butt – they’re still sweatpants and are still only intended to be worn while you are inside of your house.

Perhaps the most irksome of these fashion offenders is the trend of wearing pajama pants anywhere other than to bed. And girls, tucking your pajama pants into your UGG boots doesn’t somehow magically turn your laziness into a cute outfit. This isn’t a pajama party. Go home, get dressed and try again.

Fashion failures don’t end at peoples’ inability to distinguish between at-home attire and in-public attire. The next style sin is something nearly all of us have been faced with. You’re sitting in class trying to focus on the professor’s lecture but can’t because the thong of the girl in front of you, along with one-third of her bare-butt, is hanging out of her pants. This peep show is not suitable for the classroom or any other public place. It should be reserved for after hours viewing only in the privacy of the offender’s own bedroom or the strip club.

While on the subject of intimate apparel ladies, here is a word of advice about bras: wear one. It’s really as simple as that. When you’re bending down, no one needs a full frontal view of your goodies.

Men, don’t think that women are the only fashion offenders. Guys commit their fair share of style blunders as well.

For those men who think it’s acceptable to wear their pants closer to their knees than their waist – it’s not. I know you have your “swagger,” but no one wants to be confronted with a face full of your butt on their way to chemistry class or anywhere else. So, please, have some common courtesy and pull up your pants. Thanks.

The next wardrobe offense is practiced by many but is most frequently illustrated by a certain segment of the athlete population on campus (you know who you are). Wearing socks with sandals is simply a fashion no-no. Either it’s cold enough outside that your feet need to be socked and paired with sneakers or it’s warm enough to wear sandals. It’s either one or the other – never both.

Cologne usage is another matter some guys have failed to master. Cologne is not meant to be used in lieu of soap and water. Who do you think you’re fooling? When it comes to cologne, less is more.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if someone who is standing more than six inches away from you can smell your favorite scent from Abercrombie and Fitch, you’ve over-applied.

Both students and faculty alike have committed all of these fashion sins, and they must be stopped.

So, please, before leaving your house, dorm or apartment take 10 seconds to do a quick sniff test and look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, “Is this really appropriate?”

2 thoughts on “Fix your fashion sense: Faux pas becoming more prevalent, more ridiculous

  1. This is totally true!!

    The other day, in class, I was completely distracted because of a thong! Its disgusting and makes me wonder why/how people don’t know its happening so new rule of thumb….

    Ladies, before stepping out of the house, bend over in a mirror and if any party of your booty is showing, save those pants for another day… or night.

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