Alum striving to secure funding for online literature, art, music magazine

Jeff Simpson

Votes can help secure funding for new publication.

Jeff Simpson isn’t running for office, but he needs your vote. Simpson, a PLUS scholar who graduated from Cameron in 2004, is already making his mark on the literary scene, and he wants to help other writers and artists have the same opportunity. He has plans to launch The Fiddleback, a free online magazine promoting literature, fine art and music. But to get his non-profit project off the ground, he needs funding. Enter Pepsi, a potential benefactor Simpson never expected. The Pepsi Refresh Project is offering grants to help get new and “refreshing” ideas off the ground. However, the competition is fierce, and only the top 10 projects in each financial group receive funding. Currently, The Fiddleback is ranked #15 in the $5K category, and Simpson needs your help to break into a top position.

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