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Game Time

(August 2014 – present.)

Game Time is our student run sports show covering various stories and sporting events around the Cameron University campus, and the surrounding community. Game Time is recorded weekly in the CUTV Studio and broadcast across campus on CUTV’s closed circuit network. It also can be seen on Vimeo.


Below are archived episodes from past versions of CUTV’s sports show.

Over the years CUTV’s sports show has changed names as different students have taken over the production and made it their own. CUTV remains dedicated to bringing student’s, faculty, and others the latest information from CU’s world of sports. We hope you will take a few minutes and view the hard work of our students and staff.

Thank you!

Pick Axe Report

(January 2014 – August 2012)


In The Huddle

(April 2012 – September 2011)


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