CU Welcomes New Club: The Society for Creative Anachronism

CU Welcomes New Club: The Society for Creative Anachronism

By: Ciera Terry

Cameron University welcomed a new club on campus this year. 

The Society for Creative Anachronism (CUSCA) is a community that practices the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe. 

Senior, Lance Wallace, is the Seneschal President of the CUSCA

“CUSCA is part of an international organization that does medieval interactment,” Jones said.

The organization focuses mainly on educating people about medieval times, roughly 100 B. C. to the 1600s. 

Medieval Times have always interested Wallace. 

“Oh yeah, this has been a lifelong thing, ever since I was first exposed to the legend of the King Arthur and saw my first dragon cartoon. I was like that’s cool,” he said. 

CUSCA has already begun to host events and many more are in the making. 

“We’ve done chainmail art making and coming up we have an introduction to herbalism teaching, “Wallace said. “We’ll be doing leather bag making, pyrography which is wood burning, kumihimo, which is Japanese brown braiding.”

CUSCA is committed to teaching their members all aspects of Medieval life.

“We also have a Medieval camping one on one so you can camp like you live in the 1200s, how to make jewelry, wire bead, calligraphy,” he saCUSCA had already existed but wasn’t active within the community 

“So I decided to take charge and run with it. We started out with 4 people and now we have 25,” he said. 

The club is about recreating the medieval ages in its most idealized form. 

“So without an ant plague, no execution, no slavery, no servants,” he said.

The members of CUSCA can become part of one of the many Medieval age social classes.  

“Everyone who is a member is a member of the gentry class, the merchant class and you can receive rewards, rewards of arms. Awards of service and you do a level up like in a game,” he said. 

Although CUSCA is about recreating the Middle Ages, there are no hardened gender roles for the community to follow. 

“We have female nights which we call them dams,female fighters and they can do heavy combat or light combat. It is an equal opportunity of an organization as we can make it” Wallace said. 

“We actually have a pottery project that we’re doing for our summer coronation event.” 

For more information on CUSCA events or the organization itself, email Lance Wallace at 

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