College Fashion: CU Style

College Fashion: CU Style

By: Sarah Monk

From cowboy hats to skinny jeans, students at Cameron University blend a style of comfort, individuality and the latest trends on their campus. 

Stepping onto campus isn’t just a journey into higher education, but also an immersion to the microcosm of trends within the fashion of students. 

The undisputed champion of college fashion and comfort meets style; athleisure remains supreme. 

Sweatpants, leggings, and oversized hoodies with sneakers, create the campus atmosphere, allowing students for a comfortable yet stylish fit for classes. 

For some students, what defines the athleisure wear is the overall practicality for campus activities, but athleisure wear isn’t always available to students such as Hannah Owens, who works a full-time position outside of campus. 

“When I lived on campus, I definitely wore like, sweatpants and stuff to class a little bit more,” she said. “But now that I live off campus and work full time, I have to be able to come to campus in work-appropriate clothes.”

For men, activewear might mean a practical and stylish approach to balancing fitness and academic pursuits. 

This begs the question, is it the actual comfort of the clothing or being comfortable in mainstream wear?

However, there are others who may prefer a more grungy look, like Cameron student Matthew Halsey, who says he prefers an outdated style. 

“If I had to fit a fashion trend, for me, it’s definitely athletic wear, even though I don’t wear it a lot,” he said. “Actually, skinny jeans, skinny jeans. It’s definitely the trend I take on, but it’s kind of died out.”

In many ways, campus fashion has been influenced by where Cameron is located. Living within the heart of the plains, Oklahomans carry their own blend of culture and tradition. Owens explained that outside of athleisure, she sees primarily men in western attire. 

“You have your guys on campus that are definitely southern, with their button ups, jeans and cowboy boots,” she said. 

Rapid change of style can also be attributed to Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather; from hot, dry summers to frigid winters, the styles range from athleisure, such as basketball shorts and tank tops, to traditional lean cuts of denim. 

At Cameron, there’s a noticeable spectrum of fashion choices that surround campus; however, through its trendy styles, Owens believes there’s an opportunity for more diverse looks to surround campus. 

“I don’t see many really dark, like, goth styles here quite yet,” she said. “We’re not in New York; we’re in the midwest.”

Lack of gothic substyles could be due in part to Oklahoma’s weather, or the overall lack of availability compared to metropolitan areas. 

At the end of the day, the fashion landscape at Cameron mirrors its diverse students and its diverse subcultures. 

Fashion serves as a powerful form of personal connection between students and others on campus. 

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