Cameron Basketball: Heading to Semi-Finals

Cameron Basketball: Heading to Semi-Finals

By: Ramona Villegas

At 6:30 p.m. on March 7, at the Comerica Center in Frisco, TX, the Cameron University men’s basketball team played against the West Texas A&M Buffs. The Cameron Aggies came out ahead, 93-89, advancing to the Lone Star Championship semi-finals. 

The Aggies got off to a strong start, winning the opening tip and quickly getting on the board when Andre Washington scored an easy bucket for a 2-0 lead. But the Buffs answered right back as Elliot Kieran drove up the lane for a layup to tie it 2-2.

The Buffs got on it quickly, with Kieran shooting a layup. In the following plays, the Buffs tried to create a barrier in points but failed because the Aggies did not back down, trailing closely behind and battling back hard. Five minutes after the game started, the score box showed 9-9. 

In the tied first half, the Buffs subbed out three original starters. With the three new subs, the Aggies had to adjust; that is when Zach Toussaint of the Buffs scored a three-pointer. Aggie Jaxon Ingram did not hesitate and responded with a one-point layup. 

An intense back-and-forth battle played out between the Aggies and Buffs, with neither team able to seize control. 

Following an Aggie layup, the Buffs made their own layup and a three-pointer. Continuing the back-and-forth point trend, Ingram secured a jump shot in the box. 

Neither team could build more than a five-point cushion throughout the rest of the half. When the buzzer sounded, the Buffs had a 36-33 lead. 

After a tightly contested first half, the Aggies and the Buffs continued to battle it out. The game was still very close, and both teams played with much intensity and energy. 

Jaylen Thomas of the Aggies started the second half with a three-pointer, continuing his impressive performance from the first half. However, the Buffs quickly responded with some great plays by Toussaint, Ahamed Mohammed and Ryland Holt. The players determined to give it their all and advance to the successive Lone Star Championship semi-final round.

In the middle of the second half, Lavell Brodnex made an impressive dunk that secured the Aggie’s 54-51 lead. Reggie Prudhomme extended the Aggies’ lead further, 56-51. Another three-pointer by Dylon Andrews ensured the most extensive lead in the game. 

A string of fouls saw two points a piece from Holt and Mohammed (of the Buffs) and two points from Andrews (of the Aggies). 

After more side-to-side movement at the two-minute-and-16-second mark, the teams tied again, 70-70. 

With the end in sight, both teams pulled together and played a competitive last two minutes of the second half. 

The Aggies extended their points by five nearing the final minute of the game, but there was a comeback in the air for the Buffs getting a tie at the end of the second half. 

In overtime, both teams got to do the tip-off again, and with a repeat of the beginning of the game, the Aggies secured the ball.

The Aggies scored nine points quickly within two minutes and 30 seconds. 

Toussaint got the ball shooting again for the Buffs with a three-pointer, and Larry Wise also scored with a drive to the bucket.

Aggie Jalen Thomas set the scene for what would happen next by scoring the last points for the Aggies. 

With one minute left, the scoreboard read 90-85. Toussaint and Kieran of the Buffs fought for a comeback that did not happen.

The game ended with the Aggies beating the number one seed in the Lone Star Conference, 93-89.

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