Meet Jarrod Brown: CU Duncan’s New testing Coordinator

Meet Jarrod Brown: CU Duncan’s New testing Coordinator

By: Scott Smith

The Duncan campus of Cameron University has a new testing facility and computer lab. 

Going into its second year of operation, you may see a lot of new equipment and changes throughout the building, but one fixture of the testing center has not changed: Jarrod Brown began his career as testing coordinator and tutor seven years ago in 2017.

Brown is a two-time graduate of Cameron University. He earned his first Bachelor’s degree in multimedia design in 2012 and then returned to school and earned a second Bachelor’s degree in English creative writing in 2017.

Brown said that there have been a lot of changes to the testing center since he began his career. One of the biggest changes is going from the original six computers in 2017 to the fourteen computers that now occupy the facility today. He said that should the need arise; he also has the option to use any of the additional fourteen machines that are available in the computer lab located in the room adjacent to the testing facility. 

Brown said that while there have been no issues with the new technology so far, there is one thing that could operate a little better.

“One issue that I don’t think that they foresaw was that the doors can be a little loud when they are being closed,” Brown said. “That echo can be a little jarring for students that are in the testing center, but otherwise, as far as technology, everything has been running really well.”

Brown said, on average in a typical week, he sees ten to twelve students that take proctored exams. He said that all changes during midterm and finals weeks. Brown said he administered over 100 tests during finals week for the Fall semester and estimates that the testing center sees over 600 students during a typical semester.

Brown said that while exams for Cameron University classes make up the majority of the tests given at the facility, he also administers the ACT for high school students that are looking to attend CU.

Brown also said that he gives exams for outside interests as well.

“We get a lot of OSU math placement exams around the summertime,” Brown said. “I’ve also done some certifications for certain electrician schools and a few nursing exams.”

Brown suggests that students who would like to take an exam at CU-Duncan to call ahead and make an appointment for a test, especially around finals week. Brown said that by making an appointment, he can be better prepared for when the student arrives and have items such as password information for the proctored exams available. He also said that if an appointment is made, he can call and remind the student of the exam in the event they do not show up on time for the test.

Other that making an appointment for exams, Brown shared other advice that will make test taking a little easier.

“Come a little bit early, remember your photo ID, and be sure to read the exam instructions carefully as far as if you are allowed notes or textbooks,” Brown said. “Sometimes students show up and think they are allowed notes when they are not. Always know what you can and can’t bring ahead of time.” 

Hours for the Cameron Duncan testing facility are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Mon. through Thurs. and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fri. Appointments can be made by calling 580-581-5950. The Duncan Campus is located at 3100 West Bois D’Arc Ave in Duncan.

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