Maintaining Campus Safety

Maintaining Campus Safety

By: Hannah Owens

Cameron University strives to protect the safety of the campus and properly inform the community of the appropriate responses to emergencies.

An Emergency Preparedness Guide is located on the Cameron University website, encompassing a wide range of scenarios and information, including natural disasters, potential threats and evacuation plans. 

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Cameron Police John DeBoard urged students to familiarize themselves with this information. 

The guide explains how to prepare for potential emergencies and subsequently how to respond to them. 

Step-by-step plans for general building evacuation are highlighted first, along with how to help evacuate those with handicaps, such as impaired vision or a physical crutch. 

DeBoard said it’s important to be informed about what to do in these instances. 

“Because you can’t always rely on the police or fire or someone getting to you,” DeBoard said. “You may be helping, you know, your classmate or your friend or what have you.”

The Office of Public Safety plays a majority role in emergency responses on campus, but sometimes the local emergency response agencies must be called. 

Annual training is held with campus police and Lawton first responders to maintain a cohesive relationship.

Cameron University uses an emergency communication system (ECS) to quickly communicate any emergencies, campus closures or any other information deemed important. 

The different channels of communication include text alerts, emails, pre-recorded phone calls and loudspeaker announcements strategically placed across the campus. 

The speaker system is in place to help alert those on campus who are not a part of the ECS.

Public Safety wants to remind students to update their personal contact information in Aggie Access under “My Info” to ensure they will receive all announcements.

The university has also designated assembly points and evacuation routes, considering the campus layout and potential hazards.

These routes have been marked and communicated to all members of the campus community through signage and the university’s official website.

 DeBoard mentioned there is only one reoccurring issue that students should stay aware of. 

There have been multiple instances of suspicious persons entering campus buildings after hours by slipping in after someone with private access enters.

DeBoard encourages students to reach out with any uncertainties they may have.

“When in doubt, call us and ask,” DeBoard said.

The Office of Public Safety is located in South Shepler Room 108. 

For any further information or questions please email the office at or call the front desk at (580) 581-2237. 

In case of emergency, call 2911 or 580-581-2911.

Calling 911 in the case of an emergency on campus can delay response time, so please be sure to contact the appropriate authorities. 

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