Halloween Party: Aggie Club

By: Brittany Payette

At 8 p.m. on Oct. 26 in the Animal Science Building the Aggie Club hosted a Halloween costume party. 

Junior Agriculture major Kiera McNamar said this is her first year in the Aggie Club. 

“I wanted to be more involved,” McNamar said. “And, it went with, you know, what I’m majoring in. I get to connect more with people, doing some more things.”

McNamar said her favorite part of being in this organization is when she gets to do stuff with other members. 

“Like … shopping for this, and setting it up,” she said. “Right now, we’re just trying to raise money so we can do more things.”

McNamar said they wanted to have this Halloween Party so they could get the word out about their club. 

“We’re planning to do a bake sale,” she said. “We’re doing a raffle soon. We may do something … where we try to go out to like schools (and) like,  present the club to younger people.”

Junior Information Technology major Leighton Roach won the costume contest with his stormtrooper costume and won the one hundred dollar prize. 

“One of my friends told me about it and said I should come show off my stormtrooper costume,” Roach said. 

Sophomore Animal Science major Anaya Garcia said she joined the Aggie club this year so she could be more involved in the Agriculture department at Cameron. 

“They’re also doing some community services within the ag (agriculture) community,” she said. “And, I just kind of wanted to get some experience before I go to vet school.”

Garcia said she is the Media Coordinator for the organization and that making friends and meeting new people are her favorite parts of being a member of the club. She said the organization planned out the Halloween party at least two months in advance. 

“We had a budget and everything,” Garcia said. “We asked for some sponsors and stuff to have, like, our $100 winner.” 

“We just really want to talk to some elementary students, middle school (and) high school students and get them to be a part of our ag team here at Cameron,” she said. “I just feel like if you have some interest in agriculture and you just wanna have a new experience with a different group of people, this would definitely be a good fit for you. We don’t really discriminate on like your major or anything. We just want everybody to feel included. 

For more information contact the Aggie Club via the organization’s faculty advisor, Dr. Alimamy Fornah, at afornah@cameron.edu. 

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