Starting Strong: Kaman begins first year as head coach

Starting Strong: Kaman begins first year as head coach

By Haylee Key

Former student and athlete of Cameron University, Tyler Kaman, starts his career strong making Head Men’s Golf Coach his first year of professional coaching. Kaman saw an opportunity and went for it, starting his career with a hole-in-one.

“The job opened up, so I figured why not throw my hat in the ring,” Kaman said. 

Kaman hopes to make a name for himself, and where better to start than with his team? Kaman brings organization and sportsmanship to the table like never before, stating his biggest goal for himself is to not only make his team better players but also better people.

Through his time on the team, Kaman spoke about the opportunity to grow together.

Kaman said one player, in particular, stood out: team captain Hunter Drotts. 

“He has been nothing but respectful,” Kaman said, “He has been a real leader, and that’s why he’s our team captain.” 

Kaman knows he’s doing the right thing by making sure his players are good people.

Kaman said he’s not the first coach in his family; he comes from a long line of coaches. His grandfather coached his father, and growing up, his father coached him.

Kaman’s family history isn’t his only reason for coaching. Kaman was a golfer himself at Cameron University.

He remembers what being coached was like.

“I never really liked doing something unless I know there’s a good reason behind it,” Kaman said.

Kaman has integrated his experiences into his coaching. He knows that he must build trust with his team in what he teaches them.

Kaman said his coaching can be a little unorthodox, but it’s for a reason.

 “You gotta rule with an iron fist but wear your heart on your sleeve at the same time,” Kaman said.

Kaman was in his team’s shoes just a few years ago on the same team he coaches today.

Kaman’s time as coach taught him more than about coaching; it taught him about life.

He found that being in a career is a lot different than being a college student.

 “This is a grown-up job,” Kaman said. “It’s made me grow up.”

Kaman is fond of this new chapter in his life. He expressed gratitude for the job and how it shaped him into an adult.

Kaman looks forward to this year’s golfing season and hopes to see plenty of Aggies out there, supporting the golf team.

“It is good for the team to see their friends out there supporting them,” Kaman said. “I encourage a lot of students to come out and see what the golf team is all about.”

Kaman is very grateful for his position and plans to stay around for as long as Cameron will have him.

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