Mad happy for Alpha Phi: Bid Day 2023

Mad happy for Alpha Phi: Bid Day 2023

By Hannah Owens

At 10 a.m., Sept. 2, the Cameron University sorority, Alpha Phi, celebrated Bid Day in the McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) McCasland Ballroom.

Bid Day is the final day of a formal recruitment period when new members officially join a sorority or fraternity.  Bid Day is always a highly anticipated event for Greek Life on campus, and Alpha Phi welcomed six new sisters with open arms this semester.

Recruitment week, commonly known as Rush Week, lasted four days for Cameron Alpha Phi. This time is for potential new members (PNM) to learn about the sorority they are interested in and for the sorority leadership to get to know the PNMs, respectfully.

Alpha Phi hosted various social events and informational sessions throughout the four days leading up to Bid Day. PNMs got the opportunity to meet new people, experience sisterhood and learn about the sorority’s history and philanthropy focus.

The morning of Bid Day, Alpha Phi members were buzzing with anticipation while preparing to welcome the new members. The day started with setting up their Greek letters outside of the MCC. When the time came, they served as a guide for new members to run home to their sorority.

Decked out in colorful attire, as per the theme “Mad Happy for Alpha Phi,” current members anxiously awaited the arrival of their new sisters with gift bags in hand. New Members came rushing down the stairs, eager to join their new home away from home.

Alpha Phi’s Vice President of New Member Education and New Member Experience, Sierra McKinnon, worked hard with her sisters to ensure a wonderful experience during Rush Week and Bid Day.

“There’s been lots of great times; it’s been stressful, but I mean it’s been worth it. I think probably my favorite was probably today – seeing the girls run down to us is a great experience,” McKinnon said.

The celebration continued inside of the MCC. Alpha Phi provided snacks and drinks and allowed time for the new and old members to socialize. There were also many creative backdrops set up for photo opportunities, so new members could immortalize the day. Alpha Phi President Zoey Dean closed the event with a finance presentation.

This is Dean’s third year with Alpha Phi. During this period, she has witnessed the organization undergo numerous transformations, which have included the establishment of fresh objectives.

Dean said, “But our goals for this year, like, our own chapter, is to just grow and just try to get as many new members as we can to just share in this bond and just raise money for the foundation.”

Sisterhood is an integral part of sorority life, but there are many other aspects such as building a sense of community and pursuing philanthropy. The Alpha Phi Foundation was established in 1956 with the mission of awarding scholarships and investing in the advancement in women’s heart health. Members are highly encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities. Whether it be interest in planning events, philanthropy or community service, Alpha Phi offers a platform for members to shine and make a positive impact.

New member Elaina Puente is particularly excited about future leadership opportunities. Being a junior, she looks forward to creating lasting memories that she will cherish beyond her college years.

“I don’t have too much longer here, but I feel like it’s never too late to get involved on campus and make friends,” Puente said.

This serves as a reminder that there are always opportunities to become more engaged on campus.

For students interested in joining Alpha Phi, but who missed formal recruitment week, there is still a way to be involved. Dean wants to remind students of Alpha Phi’s Continuous Open Bidding (COB) opportunity; COB permits the sorority to offer membership invitations to join their organization throughout the academic year, extending beyond the official recruitment period.

For more information message Dean on instagram @zoeydeannn or email her at To learn more and stay up to date with Alpha Phi, follow the sorority’s instagram @cameronalphaphi.

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