Cameron Pickaxes: A gateway to the world of esports

Cameron Pickaxes: A gateway to the world of esports

By Austin Childers

Cameron Pickaxes Esports Team is currently hosting tryouts for the games Valorant, Overwatch, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The various teams will be hosting tryouts over the next few days for players of any skill level.

Collegiate esports is a rapidly evolving and growing scene, with many colleges offering scholarships and tuition waivers to play for their teams it’s no wonder many new players are coming into the scene right now.

Junior Journalism and Media Production major Sarah Monk is the current captain of the Overwatch team and ranked top 500 support player.

She said competing can be a lot of fun – but also very challenging.

“Some of the collegiate teams are really good right now,” Monk said.

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter that is emblematic of the essence of esports, teamwork. Collaboration and understanding how your team thinks and plays are paramount to success in the game.

“We have had a lot of games where the room gets super loud and busy with everyone making different callouts,” Monk said. “Aim and skill are important, but communication with your teammates is the biggest one.”

Much like Overwatch, Valorant thrives on the synergy of fast-paced teamplay. Being a class-based first-person shooter, the game relies on teamplay, precision playmaking and map knowledge. It’s the perfect platform where one can exhibit their prowess in both strategic teamwork and pinpoint execution.

For players looking for something a little different, the Rocket League team might be more their style. Focusing on speed, accuracy and the fusion of soccer and racing allows Rocket League to turn its virtual arena into a high-octane battleground. These factors make Rocket League the perfect game for any racing game enthusiast.

Players more interested in showcasing their fighting skills might find Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the perfect game. Ultimate is the culmination of years of Nintendo perfecting their flagship fighting game. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a platform fighter where the player’s main goal is to knock their opponent off the stage. The game is less reliant on teamplay and allows players to showcase their personal skills using game knowledge and matchup.

While the esports scene is still relatively new, it’s a far cry from the clubs and fan-made tournaments of just a few years ago. Newer games with an emphasis on competitive play are catering more and more to the esports crowd.

Games like Overwatch and Valorant even have full-time salaried players playing for teams in leagues similar to the NFL or NBA. Many of these players found their way into their careers from their small collegiate teams.

For more information, contact Cunningham at or stop by the Esports Lounge located in the Academic Commons, room 131.

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