To stream, or not to stream?

To stream, or not to stream?

By Jaci Hernandez

Staff Writer

What is the best way to watch TV?

That’s a big question depending on what exactly viewers want.

A lot of people have cut the cord from cable services to go to streaming platforms. Streaming services are definitely more relevant today and cable is becoming less and less needed.

Although, which one people get depends on what kind of watcher they are. If they’re the kind of watcher who either likes to watch everything or doesn’t need to watch anything specific, then a cable service might be the best option. If they want specific content or certain channels, then they can get streaming services for what they want.

There are so many streaming services out today that viewers can pick and choose what they want. There have been some new streaming services that have still come out just recently.

To be able to stream, though, viewers need to have Wi-Fi and a streaming device like a Firestick or a Roku and/or a smart TV.

Meanwhile, with a cable service people get to choose what package they want at what price, and if they choose ad-ons with a bigger package then they probably wouldn’t need any streaming services at all.

That also goes both ways, because today there are streaming services, like YouTube Tv and Hulu, that are trying to overtake cable by offering live channels with their service.

The prices of Hulu with live TV, YouTube TV and cable all run about the same, depending on what packages and ad-ons viewers get, which is between the sixty and hundred plus dollar range.

Although, like I said about cable, with streaming services people can get that live TV and all the ad-ons and would not need cable at all either.

I lean more toward streaming services just because I like having specific content. Each streaming service has their own type of content that others don’t. I’m even going to look into one of the live TV streaming services for my family this summer just because we pay so much for cable.

Having cable can sometimes be shady, just because some companies will raise viewer bills without them ever really knowing. My family still has cable because my parents aren’t that good at knowing how to navigate our Firestick, and they like to record certain shows that they watch.

In my house we have cable paid for by my parents and multiple streaming services paid between my sister and parents. Don’t get me wrong, having both is the best of both worlds, because by having cable I can sign into network apps on my Firestick through the cable account, but I don’t think the price of both is worth it.

If viewers are looking to get one over the other, I would go with streaming services.

There are weather channels they can download and a bunch of free TV apps to download such as Roku, Peacock, Tubi, The CW, Pluto TV, Crackle and Freevee.

I feel like people can’t go wrong with streaming services and devices. They have a ot to offer, and I love having them.

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