‘Love is Blind’ A Twist on Reality TV

‘Love is Blind’ A Twist on Reality TV

By Jaci Hernandez

Staff Writer

For fans of romantic reality tv shows, Netflix just dropped the fourth season of “Love is Blind” on Mar. 24.

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, “Love is Blind” is a social experiment where a group of single men and women try to find love and get engaged all before meeting each other in person.

They basically go speed dating and talk for hours through a wall, in rooms that they call pods, until they find someone or someone’s they that feel a connection to. Then they develop that connection and try and turn it into an engagement.

Only after they get engaged do they finally get to meet each other in person. After multiple couples get engaged, they are sent to a resort in Mexico where they get to know each other better and build their connection on a honeymoon of sorts.

What the couples in the first season didn’t know was that everybody was sent to the same resort and they get to meet the other people that they also had a connection with.

This creates drama in every season because for some people there is always that question of, what if I chose them over the person I’m with now. That puts a strain on some of the couples. After the couples leave Mexico, they all go back to live in the same apartment complex until the wedding day.

Living in the same apartment complex has also caused some slight drama throughout the seasons for some couples, because of the close proximity and temptation to talk to the people they didn’t choose.

The couples spend all this time together, getting to know each other, meeting each other’s families, until it finally gets to the wedding day.

This is the day where they make their decision on whether or not they actually want to get married.

I actually really like this show and the concept of falling in love with someone before having the bias of having seen them before. This show is all about proving love is blind and it has continuously proved that each season.

This show has presented couples who I didn’t think would work but are still married today and couples that I thought were perfect for each other but didn’t make it past the decision wedding day. It has also given me some of my favorite reality tv couples, like the Hamilton’s from season one.

This show doesn’t get old to me. I love watching each new season and the personalities that they bring. This season is no different: the drama is already starting and someone has already said that they made the wrong decision, though I won’t spoil who that is. They’re also not the only one with doubts about who they chose this season.

If you like romantic reality TV drama, I recommend watching “Love is Blind.” I recommend starting from season one, though; that season is what got me to like the show in the

fir t place. Rating: 4 / 5

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