Campus Life Swag Giveaway

Campus Life Swag Giveaway

By Jaci Hernandez

Staff Writer

From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on March 29, the Office of Campus Life held a baseball t-shirt giveaway event outside the north entrance of Nance Boyer.

To win the prize, students had to toss at least one of two beanbags onto the pick-axe of the Cameron University logo. Students had to get it specifically on the axe to win the t-shirt. If they were not able to win the shirt, they were given a Cameron University magnet and phone wallet. The Office of Campus life puts on these fun events specifically for Cameron students to enjoy.

Alannah Meyers-Young is the administrative assistant for the Office of Campus Life, and was at the event to invite students to play.

“We want students to feel connected to Cameron,” Meyers-Young said, “and what better way than to win free swag; we even got more t-shirts.”

The design that is currently used for this t-shirt is similar to one that was used previously; a graphic designer intern for the art department designed the t-shirt for the event.

“It’s more of like a limited edition,” Meyers-Young said, “so we wanted it to feel like it’s different because our other t-shirts are homecoming and spirit week versus this is like an extra cool t-shirt.”

This is the first time in a couple of years that the Office of Campus Life is giving away a three-quarter sleeved t-shirt. There was a good turnout with many students stopping by to try and win their free Cameron items throughout the morning.

A student who attended the event, Marshall Sadler, tries to attend every event he can, especially those that Campus Life hosts.   

“I like these events, well because I paid for them, and just because they help bolster the Cameron community as far as having things to do on campus,” Sadler said. “I think it’s a great opportunity to have, to help show our school spirit and just be a part of something bigger than us.”

Since not everyone was able to win the t-shirt or make it to the event, students are able to buy the t-shirts for just five dollars. There are plenty of shirts left so all students have to do is go to the Campus Life Office, on the second floor of the McMahon Centennial Complex, and show their student ID.

Supplies are limited, though, so students should get one while they still last. Although the t-shirts will not be for sale to faculty and staff until the following week.

If students missed the t-shirt giveaway event or are interested in participating in future giveaways, be sure to check the Campus Life University Calendar online at

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