PAC Presents: 2000s Trivia Night

PAC Presents: 2000s Trivia Night

By Kemar Noel

Staff Writer

At 6 p.m., on March 2, the Cameron University Programming Activities Council (PAC) hosted  a 2000s-themed Pop Culture Trivia event in the McCasland Ballroom.

The winner for the night was Malia Hardy, a CU student. Alexandra Moya, a Biology major and junior, was in charge of the event.

The event had music to complement trivia questions, and many people showed up to see how their knowledge fared.

Moya planned night well and even threw some participants for a loop with some of the questions.

PAC has hosted trivia events before and used past experiences to their advantage this year to make this event even better.

“Last year we did a Disney trivia that didn’t go so well,” Moya said. “I think we just wanted to try it out again to see if the theme was the issue. This year we brought out Air Pods as rewards instead of just gift cards, so maybe that is what brought so many people this time around.”

The event lasted for about two hours. There was a total of six different rounds with nine questions each. Each round differed thematically with questions testing knowledge from the early to late 2000s.

The trivia questions related to reality TV, breakups, award winners, and other categories.

Participants could play alone or with a small group of people but in the end, all the points would be tallied up together. If participants played with a group they would only get one paper, so everyone would be at fault if they lost.

Most people played in a group, but even then, the trivia wasn’t as easy as some participants expected it to be. Some people stayed confident to the end.

Mikel Weatherspoon, a strategic communications major, participated in the event with a group of his friends. He was very confident in his ability to answer questions correctly and, hopefully, win the contest.

“I am really big on 2000s culture being that I came up in the 2000s,” Weatherspoon said, “but I definitely wish there were move movie-related questions since I shine in that area.”

Jadence Black was the host for Trivia Night. She went above and beyond to keep the audience engaged and made sure they were having fun.

“Jadence made her juicy couture pants, she brought her glasses out for this and went all out tonight,” Moya said. “Even when the audience was a little ‘dry,’ she was able to keep going and powered through and that is exactly what a host needs.”

According to the PAC students, Trivia Night was a huge success. They were excited to see so many people show up.

Many participants said that they look forward to another trivia night. PAC hosts multiple events and promotes them with posters on campus and on their social media accounts.

For more information about upcoming PAC events, visit their Instagram @pac_cu or email the Office of Campus Life

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