Major Differences

Major Differences

By Jaci Hernandez

Staff Writer

I transferred to Cameron my junior year and decided to choose Business as my major. After completing one year of Business, I then changed my major to JRMP my senior year. Altogether, I have 36 earned and in-progress hours in Business and 19 in JRMP.

When I started my degree in Business, I didn’t look into what classes I would be taking; I went into it not knowing what to expect.

Let me just say, it was a lot more math than I thought it would be. Half of the first-year classes students take deal with math, they take two classes in accounting and finance, and one class in business statistics.

Besides the math classes, some of the other core courses that involve marketing and management aren’t that stressful.

Same with the intro courses and some of the concentration marketing classes. As long as students go to class, listen and do their work, they’ll do fine. If this isn’t the kind of content you enjoy though, then it can definitely get boring at times.

Journalism and Media Production on the other hand, doesn’t really allow me to get bored. I’m currently in my second semester of JRMP and it’s more hands-on and in my opinion, busier. I feel like I’m always doing some type of project.

Don’t get me wrong, both of these degrees are great degrees and they are totally worth it depending on what students want to do in the future, but there are some upsides and downsides to both.

Some upsides to both of these degrees are the people and the teachers. In Business everyone is kind of on the same schedule so students see a lot of the same people throughout the semesters and it’s nice to see a familiar face.

It’s the same with JRMP, students take a lot of the same required classes as their fellow classmates in the department, so they spend a lot of time together and get used to each other. Even introverts like me are able to become acquaintances with some of their classmates.

To me a downside to JRMP is the amount of work I have to do for a single project. I have to go out and interview and/or film for whatever my story is for that week, write about and edit it. That’s enough for me to miss being bored in business sometimes. That’s also because I’m a lazy procrastinator though, so it’s not my favorite thing to do.

JRMP was a change for me. In business, I would go to class, listen, take my notes, go home and do my homework, then not have to worry about anything else. So, having to do all this extra stuff to get my work done is not exactly pleasant for me.

Although, with that said, I wouldn’t change a thing. Both of these degrees have taught me so much within these past two years, skills I need for the future and habits I’ll have for life. That’s why even now that I’m a JRMP major, I’m still getting my minor in marketing. They actually correlate great with each other and they are the best of both worlds in terms of content that I like.

So, for people who are still deciding what they want to major in, I think these are two great options. The teachers within both of these degrees do a great job trying to prepare and get  students ready for their future job market. They are also very willing to help students.

It’s really because of the teachers why I love both of these majors. At Cameron is where I’ve had some of my favorite teachers ever.

Also, since I didn’t do this for either major, I want to say that students should always look up what classes they will be taking for a degree. I wish someone would have told me this before I chose my first major, but I’m glad I got to experience a bit of both of them.

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