Fight Night Takes Over Lawton

Fight Night Takes Over Lawton


By Kemar Noel

Staff Writer

On Feb. 11, the Great Plains Coliseum hosted Super Fight Night, featuring boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches.

The boxing matches took up the majority of the show and crowd hype. Winners of the fights included Thomas “The Train” Bowie winning the heavyweight category.

There were approximately twenty five matches in total for the night.

Each match left the audience at the edge of their seats and asking for more.

Matches started with each fighter making an entrance to music in the background.

Announcers introduced fighters so the audience could have someone to root for.

The heavyweight champion “The Train” bulldozed and dominated each match with sheer strength.

In boxing or in any professional sport where fighting is involved, fighters focus on keeping their bodies in peak condition for matches.

This just was not the case for many of the fighters participating in the heavyweight category.

Anthony Luna, also known as “The Lunatic,” was a crowd favorite who came in strong.

“The Lunatic” won the finals in lightweight bracket against Nick Gibson and was crowned champion.

The lightweight matches all started out strong and energetic with punches and swings, but the fighters who won displayed more refined and proper techniques.

The lightweight matches were still some of the most even matches of the night.

The Super Fignt Night Event should be returning to Lawton in August and Chickasha in November.

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