Cameron University 2023 Homecoming Coronation

Cameron University 2023 Homecoming Coronation

By Skylar Teddington

Staff Writer

At 5:30 p.m., on Feb. 11, in the Aggie Gym, Cameron University held their 2023 Homecoming Coronation and crowned Nathan Weston for this year’s Homecoming Monarch.

Though it was cold outside, the atmosphere in the Aggie Gym was warm and welcoming. The audience, full of friends and family members, buzzed with excitement.

All of the nominees dressed up and walked out onto the gym floor to be introduced to both an in-person audience and those attending the Facebook livestream of the event.

One by one they walked, proudly wearing black and gold sashes with the names of the organizations they were representing. Though the event was brief, everyone who was involved worked hard to make it a success.

Nathan Weston represented Baptist Christian Ministries. With the scepter in his hands, he described his path to victory, stating that he planned a campaign a week before the event and executed it this past Monday and Tuesday.

“It was well-planned, quick. On time, which is always a good thing,” Weston said. “It had a very good feel to it.”

Weston’s dedication and the hard work that went into his campaign resulted in a well-deserved win for this year’s Coronation.

Other participants offered their thoughts prior to the event as well. Alana Jones, representing Alpha Phi, had a particularly easygoing outlook, stating that she wasn’t there to win, but rather to have a good time.

Other nominees, including Holly Davis representing Omega Zeta Theta and Benetria Cunningham representing Gamma Delta Pi, recalled the music selection from the Homecoming dance, which happened the night before the Coronation. They pointed out that “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silentó was played and complimented the music selection.

Davis went on to talk about student life here at CU, expressing her wish for the university to increase their involvement in the clubs and other extracurricular programs.

Furthermore, she was very supportive of Cunningham’s hopes for the crown. Cunningham previously stated that she came to win but would be happy if anyone took the scepter home. Every nominees’ positivity throughout the event was infectious, making this Coronation one to remember.

Once the Homecoming Monarch was crowned, this year’s Homecoming activities drew to a close. As for plans for next year’s coronation, Director of Campus Life Leslie Cothren has confirmed that no specific plans have been made yet, but that there would soon be a meeting to discuss this year’s Homecoming events. The planning process for the student event side typically begins in October and it really ramps up after Christmas, according to Dr. Cothren.

For more information about upcoming events, contact the Office of Campus Life:

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