CU YouTube: Tutoring Online

CU YouTube: Tutoring Online

By Lindsey Edwards

Staff Writer

With mid-terms over and finals approaching, it may seem that everything is piling up. You want to seek help keeping track of your assignments, but depending on the responsibilities you may have outside of your studies, you may find that you can’t find the time to stop and visit the tutoring centers on campus. Now there is another way for you to get some extra help from the tutoring centers.

Rachel Mozingo, Director of the Center for Writers, and the Center for Academic Success explained to me how students can find new videos that can offer additional assistance.

“Go to the main YouTube page and search Cameron University. Once you get to the Cameron University page, there is a playlist tab and under that playlist tab, you will see CU @ tutoring.” Mozingo said.

While there are currently two videos in the tutoring playlist that can help with MLA and APA formatting, there are several ideas for future videos to be added to the playlist.

“We have created a list of videos that we are hoping to record and implement such as a how to plan your planner video, introductions to the tutoring labs, and workshops for APA, MLA, and Chicago writing style, which is a style of writing used in history courses,” Monzingo said.

They have a lot of ideas for new content, but it might be a while before everything is made available to students.

“We have a lot of content, and we have to get it recorded and we only have three leadership people, so it is going to take some time and that is why we tried to start with two videos already uploaded,” Mozingo said.

Even though the YouTube channel is a great way for students to get extra help, they would still like for students to come see them in-person at the tutoring centers on campus or via Zoom.

“The YouTube channel is meant to be an addition to regular tutoring. Please still come see us at our Nance Boyer location. That is our preference. This is an additional tool,” said Monzingo.

If you happen to visit the tutoring lab for a session and feel that you still need more information, Monzingo suggests that students can access the YouTube channel as a refresher.

If you have any more questions or need more information about the CU on YouTube or the Tutoring centers on campus, please contact Rachel Mozingo at 580-581-2932

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