CU on the other SIDE

The Cameron University communications, English, and foreign language (CEFL) department takes pride in their student-produced media. All of the student shows can be found on CU’s Roku channel called “CU on the Other Side.”

Before the Roku channel, student shows were streamed on a closed circuit channel on campus that only allowed the shows to be shown on the CU TVs located in the dorms and other buildings on campus.

In 2021, the CEFL department decided to move their student-produced shows onto a Roku channel to increase viewership.

“CU On The Other Side” features many shows that are all produced at Cameron University.

The shows include “The Aggie Lineup,” “The Patch Notes 2.0,” “CU News,” and “Pop Axe Culture.” The channel also includes a game show that began in the spring 2022 semester called “The Wheel of Scholarship.”

Episodes of the shows are filmed and added to the Roku channel each week.

For more information about student media or the Roku channel, contact Professor Matt Jenki s via email at

CU News is a weekly news report that is filmed every Friday morning and highlights important news topics and current events going on around campus. The show covers topics such as campus activities, features and professor spotlights.

Student jounalists also host in studio interviews.
The CU News broadcast is written and produced by Alec Santos. The other roles of the show are rotated by the cast each week.

Pop Axe Culture is a pop culture talkshow that discusses more about current world news rather than only Cameron University. They talk about latest trends, news, updates and important info about what is going on in the work around us.

Pop Axe Culture also takes anonomous submissions of topics that can be talked about on the show.

This show is produced and hosted by Melon Shortcake and directed by Jimm Sosa.

The Aggie Lineup is a sports talkshow that covers all CU sport related events. They cover games, athletic activities, highlights and interviews with coaches and athletes.

The show is hosted and produced by Kalen Haynes and directed by Alec Santos. Footage is collected by Neal Kirmer and Sadie Hightower.

The Patch Notes is an e-sports and gaming talkshow.

They discuss all things Cameron e-sports and gaming news and updates. The show features highlight reels from students and e-sport team members.

The Patch Notes also review video games and discuss upcoming or new video game releases.

This show is written, produced, and hosted by Austin Cholders and directed by Jacob Carpenter.

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