Student Involvement Fair

Student Involvement Fair

By Courtney McEunn

Student Life Editor

At 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Aug. 24, the Programming Activities Council (PAC) hosted Cameron University’s Student Involvement Fair. Students from different departments and organizations set up tables in the Science Complex court lawn inviting students to participate in the event. Previously known as the Student Organization Fair, the newly branded Student Involvement fair aims to be more inclusive to all activities on campus, rather than just the organizations.

Daniel McFadden, coordinator of Campus Life, discussed the name change and the plans for this event for the future semesters. 

“We know that students can get involved in different departments as well as student organizations,” McFadden said, “so we wanted to be as inclusive as possible and include as many departments. For an example, we have HR (Human Resources) here. They’re here to let students know that there’s jobs on campus that they can join. Student Support Services is here to help get some people enrolled in that. So, as many opportunities that the students would have, they were more likely to join something.” 

During the event, departments and organizations walked around visiting with students and learning more about the other groups on campus. Tables were set up along the walkways of the lawn for students to receive information about various groups as they went to and from their classes. Campus life actively provided fresh popcorn for students who stopped to visit.

Jadance Black, a junior and member of PAC, took part in planning the event and was pleased to see the Student Involvement Fair run successfully. 

“I really enjoyed meeting new people.” Black said. “I like the planning aspect of it, too; we plan the events from start to finish. I enjoy that and I like seeing the event actually get completed and stuff like that. It’s really fun to see all the progress.” 

Black also explained a bit more about what PAC does and how the organization contributes to other events on campus. 

“We host activities around campus like paint night, craft night, and stamped rings, like novelty items and grab-and-gos,” Black said. “We’re a good introductory program for people to come and see and meet new people around campus. Our meetings are Mondays at 6:15 in the Buddy Green Room on the second floor of the MCC.” 

Cameron’s Greek Life also participated in the Student Involvement Fair in preparation for the upcoming recruitment week. They spent their time at the fair scouting out potential new members and sharing information about their chapters.

Ramona Villegas, rush coordinator and standard’s board member of the Omega Zeta Theta sorority, explained her organization’s role on campus and in the Lawton community. 

“Our organization is Omega Zeta Theta and our philanthropy is cancer research and awareness,” Villegas said. “Throughout the semester we host sisterhoods, we raise money for any cancer centers in our area, and we also have lots of fun just hanging out and having a family around us to support and encourage each other throughout our hard times.” 

The Student Involvement Fair and similar events are great opportunities for Cameron’s departments, clubs, and other student organizations to get together and encourage students to get more involved on campus.

The Vice President of the Black Student Association, Mikel Weatherspoon, is always looking for excuses to pull people out of their comfort zones and be more involved. 

“My favorite part about being in the Involvement Fair,” Weatherspoon said, “is seeing all the bright, beautiful, young faces coming on campus. Some of them are a little lost and people don’t know their own identity. I love to be able to help them out with that.” 

The Student Involvement Fair is held at the beginning of each semester and aims to promote student organizations and campus departments.

For more information about a specific organization or department, reach out to campus life or a member of that organization. 

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