‘PREY’ among best films of 2022

‘PREY’ among best films of 2022

By Blake Moren

A&E Page Editor

This review contains spoilers. Admittedly, I have only seen the original 1987 film, but I agree with other critics that this movie is absolutely amazing.  The original “Predator” is a classic eighties film, featuring one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best performances.

This prequel has many similarities to the original, but makes this film stand out on its own is the fact that this film takes place in the 1700s. Instead of soldiers or mercenaries, the main cast of characters in this film are all Native Americans, or to be more specific, Comanche.

Historically accurate and respectful to the Comanche Nation, this film provides us with an in-depth depiction of Comanche culture. This film is a perfect example of representation.  I find it very refreshing to see a predominantly Native American cast in a mainstream film.

On a technical level, “Prey” is among the most beautiful films I have seen this year. The cinematography is stunning; every shot is like a beautiful landscape painting come to life.  The musical score by Sarah Schachner is absolutely perfect.

The cast is fantastic as well. Amber Midthunder as Naru is among the best female lead characters in an action film I have ever seen. She is a very relatable and likable character. Naru and her dog Sarrii make a great team in this film. Her brother Taabe, portrayed by Dakota Beavers, is also a great character.

Now, let us talk about the Predator itself. This version of the iconic extra-terrestrial killer does not disappoint.  Along with the overall design of the Predator, the sound design of this extra-terrestrial is absolutely terrifying. Just like its other incarnations, the Predator is an absolutely brutal and monstrous creature.  Although he is a little more primitive than the Predator of the original film, this does not mean he is any less dangerous.

As you may expect from the franchise, this film is extremely violent and gory. This film is definitely not for the faint of heart. The action in this film is very well choreographed.

As for the flaws, I can only offer minor suggestions for improvement.  Naru’s story arc and characterization feel very familiar to me, like I have seen this story arc and character before.  The way this arc is portrayed is unique and interesting enough that this minor recommendation does not bother me all that much.

A potential criticism that some may have for Naru is that she is kind of a “Mary Sue”; meaning that she is a female character that is typically free of weaknesses and is conveniently perfect at everything.  Rey and Carol Danvers from the recent “Star Wars” and “Marvel Cinematic Universe” films are considered by some fans to be “Mary Sues,” however, I do not necessarily agree with these assessments. 

Some positive attributes to Naru’s character are that she is very good at shooting arrows with her bow and is also a skilled tracker.  She is also pretty good at defending herself.  However, she does not know how to shoot a gun.  This is a skill she learns later in the film. I would not personally consider Naru a “Mary Sue”, but others may disagree.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I consider “Prey” to be among the best films of 2022.

Rating: 4.7 / 5

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