New additions at the CU Library

New additions at the CU Library

By Kemar Noel

Staff Writer

Cameron University’s Library is looking great with new additions that improve the Aggie experience beyond that of previous semesters. With high school graduates starting their first semester of college, they will enjoy a fresh and new Cameron University experience, different from that which previous freshmen may recall.

One such difference is the inclusion of new items and places in and around the library. There has been more of a focus on making the library more enjoyable and accessible to newer students as well as returning students from summer break.

Incoming students have a lot to look forward to this semester. Cameron University students now have the ability to book study rooms online, search for books and DVDs for checkout, and more. The library has experienced many new additions, such as the new coffee shop within the library, Aggie Books, and Brew. The Aggie Books and Brew has also had an impact on the amount of traffic that visits the library.

Another exciting new feature of the library are the unique study spaces on the second floor that were added during the summer, along with an influx of new books which were brought in.

There are many students who are a part of the library staff as well. Shay Hernandez a Vocal Music Education is one of them.

Hernandez gave insight about projects for the library that student can look forward to.

“We are in the process of remodeling our entire building, it is going to be going on for about a year. I have actually been one of the ones to rebuild all of the bookshelves and we are going to be getting some new study rooms in there.”

As time goes on Cameron’s library will continue to develop and improve. Another area that has experienced growth within the library has been the digital media lab.

Library staff and Information and Technologies student Richard Ruoton spoke about technology upgrades coming to the library.

“We used to have dell laptops, but a lot of students were complaining so we took their feedback and started to try and get more Apple products,” Ruoton said.

The university has taken note of student feedback and made upgrades to make the Aggie experience more comfortable for students than previous semesters.
The university has purchased updated equipment for the media lab for students use, such as a 3-D printer and MacBooks with Adobe, available for checkout at the Circulation Desks.

“This year we have done something new where we don’t single people out and say you have to be a journalism major to log into Adobe.” Routon said. “We now have this thing called shared experience where you can log in and use the software with no strings attached.”

There is no signup or paid subscription attached when using the Adobe software on these computers. Usually, some media production students would get Adobe software for free depending on their courses, but that is not the case for every student.

There will definitely be more changes in the future both inside and outside the library. There has already been changes to how books are being checked out. The digital space is slowly incorporating new and more efficient methods for Cameron students to function.

The Cameron Library is continuing to evolve with changes that will help both students now and in the future while working to further their education and degrees.

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