CU Succeed: Career Exploration

CU Succeed: Career Exploration

By Nakisha Horne

Staff Writer

At 1:00 pm on. Aug. 30 in the MCC Buddy Green Room, Cameron University (CU) hosted a CU Succeed Workshop called Complete the Mission – Career Exploration. Students learned how to explore careers that match their skills, personality, and strengths. Students were given advice on how to choose a challenge and network their way towards a fulfilling career.

The workshop provided valuable information about career exploration, and emphasized the importance of exploring multiple career paths as an exciting part of a student’s journey. The workshop gave students insight about the many careers out there that students may not even be aware of.

Students will face job competition, be challenged with different skill requirements, and retirement uncertainty. For these reasons, starting career exploration early is more important than ever and market information can tell students what has happened in the job market in the past, what’s happening now, and what is likely to happen in the years ahead. 

CU Career Services Coordinator Jazmine Rodriguez gave insight to students who are looking into career exploration.

Rodriguez said, “Anyone who is looking into a career decision should find some inspiration from an organization or from someone who is already doing similar work that you would like to do.”

Rodriguez advised that when students look into deciding on a career path they should examine challenges that they want to fix, then companies that provide that, then job titles and education programs. Connecting what a student does in school to their career goals helps students enjoy and engage more in what they study. It also makes it more likely for students to succeed.  

Career networking, or “professional” networking, involves using personal, professional, academic or family contacts to assist with a job search, achieve career goals, learn more about a field, or another field students may be interested in.

Networking can be a good way to hear about job opportunities or get an “in” at the company students want to work in. Career networking should become a part of a student’s daily schedule. Students’ career network should be in place for when they need it, both for job seekers and for moving along the career ladder.

Students’ career network should include anyone who can assist them with a job search or career move. It can include past and present co-workers, bosses, friends with similar interests, colleagues from business associations, alumni from their university, or acquaintances they have met via online networking services. Students’ network can also include family, neighbors, and anyone who might have a connection that will help.

CU student Jahniya Williams spoke of her insights gained about networking from the workshop.

Williams said, “I do see an importance in creating a relationship with friends or family to help with career placement.”

Rodriguez suggested that students do not just contact those who can help if they are ever laid-off from a job and decide to look for a new position. Rodriguez recommends that students keep in touch with their network regularly – even if it is just a brief email to say hello and to ask how they are doing. People are more willing to help when they know who you are.

The CU Succeed Series is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of topics to assist in their college career and beyond. Workshops offer the chance for students to explore new subjects and gain valuable skills to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom, according to the CU website.

The career exploration process involves learning more about oneself, researching options, trying new experiences, and creating a strategic plan to reach professional goals. Whether students are deciding on a major or determining career options, the CU Office of Student Development is available to help in every way.

The Office of Student Development offers services, programs and activities designed to enhance the collegiate experience and to foster both academic excellence and personal growth. The Office of Student Development is responsible for Career Services, Disability Services, Inclusion and Student Success, and Judicial Affairs according to the CU website.

For more information, feel free to contact them at

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