With Spirit Team’s Savannah Layeski

By Jimm Alley

Sports Editor

Savannah Layeski is a freshman studying sports and exercise science and is a Cameron Aggies dance team member. Layeski was initially doing gymnastics, but after almost ten years, she decided it was time to pursue something different.

“I started dancing my freshman year,” (of high school) Layeski said. “All of my friends were doing it before, and they said it’s fun, and I still wanted to do something that was athletic.”

Layeski started her dance career at Sherri’s Dance Center, and although she was not on the dance team in high school, she was on the golf team all four years of high school. She made it to state in her Senior year. Elsewhere on campus, Layeski is a member of the campus Circle K program and is a PLUS scholar.

Layeski has a busy schedule between her obligations with the dance team and her class schedule. Layeski has a lot on her plate between practices, weight sessions, and coming up with new routines, but she has not let the hectic workload get in the way of her progress as a student. 

After her time at Cameron, Layeski hopes to continue her education elsewhere and focus on becoming a chiropractor. 

“I plan to move to Dallas,” Layeski said. “I want to go to Parker University.” 

Layeski also said that she has been going to a chiropractor since she was very young.

“I have gone since I was a baby,” Layeski said. “I had really bad ear infections, and my mom took me to the doctor. I would have had to have surgery, but they ended up taking me to the chiropractor, and I haven’t had an ear infection since. I’d like to help other people the way they have helped me.”

Layeski even has an internship at Aaragon Chiropractic to help her reach her career goals and gain valuable experience while still an undergraduate student. Layeski practically does everything besides the adjustments, including ultrasounds, learning how to use some of the equipment, and helping patients prepare for their appointments. 

Layeski mentioned many things she enjoys about being a Cameron athlete, but the thing she loves about it most is the connections she has made along the way.

“My favorite part of dance team is meeting new people and making new friends,” Layeski said. “I’ve always liked cheering on people ever since I was on pride line in high school.”

Layeski has some big goals for herself and a lot of motivation to accomplish them. Balancing a full schedule of courses with being an athlete and trying to advance your career simultaneously is no easy task, but Layeski seems to be handling the pressure well.

Layeski is just one of the many young athletes at Cameron with a bright future, and she is an excellent example of what makes the Aggie student body truly special. Commitment, intelligence, and determination are the qualities that make an Aggie athlete great, and Layeski exhibits all of these traits. She continues to strive on the right path to success and achieve all of the goals she is setting out to do. 

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