A Charlie Brown Tradition

A Charlie Brown Tradition

By Jashua Orndorff

Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving up and coming, many have already started to plan for seasonal festivities. 

Hundreds flock to the internet or to the nearest retail store scourging for the best deals on the season’s decor or early holiday presents. 

Marathons of holiday specials are beginning to air on major television networks across the nation for all to binge. 

Characters from some of the most beloved franchises return to television screens this time of year. 

One of these returning favorites is none other than Charlie Brown.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, some are tuning in to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” while spending time with their friends or family. 

Released in 1973 and directed by Bill Melendez and Phill Roman, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is 25 minutes long. 

It is based on characters originally developed by Charles M. Schulz for his Sunday comic strip “Peanuts.”

The special begins with a classic “Peanuts” gag between Charlie Brown and Lucy. 

Lucy attempts to persuade Charlie into kicking a football she is holding, claiming the act to be a tradition. Brown hesitantly decides to kick the ball, falling for Lucy’s usual prank and falls to the ground as she exclaims how traditions fade. 

This act sets a comical essence that holds up for a majority of the animated classic.

Charlie and the rest of the Browns have made plans to visit and spend time at their grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. 

However, plans change when Peppermint Patty invites herself to spend the holiday with Charlie Brown.

Throughout the rest of the special we watch as Charlie Brown plans a dinner to celebrate the holiday with his friends. 

The humorous elements within the animated short convey a light-hearted, comedic tone. 

From the classic gag opening to the heartwarming ending, this “Peanuts” special provides a funny tale that captures the essence of the holiday spirit. 

Overall, the special provides a joyful and entertaining experience for all to watch. 

“Peanuts,” itself, has generated a massive fan base since it’s creation in 1950. 

Millions from around the world have grown attached to the cartoon characters for their designs and the characters portrayal of humor.

With the development of their holiday specials, the popularity of the cartoon characters skyrocketed. 

For over 50 years, “Peanuts” specials have been broadcasted around the globe for families and friends to enjoy together. 

Since their release, many have made the act of gathering and watching these holiday specials a traditional way of spending time with their loved ones. 

Families have grown attached to watching Charlie Brown together and sharing a bonding experience with their friends or loved ones. 

So much so that these specials are often associated with times of reminiscence for many and have become common traditions in households everywhere.

Whether broadcasted live on television or shown on streaming services across the world, many have made it routine to spend time together by watching Charlie Brown on the holidays.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that the “Peanuts” has not only become a part of pop culture but has also become a staple in the holiday traditions for many across the globe. 

Charles Schultz’s characters have evolved far from their Sunday comic strips’ debut, turning into iconic representations of both the holidays and joyful times to be had for many to come.

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