PAC Karaoke Night

PAC Karaoke Night

By Ian Snyder-Sohl

Staff Writer

On Sept. 14, in the McCasland Ballroom located in the McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) Journalism and Media Production Senior and first year Programming Activities Council (PAC) Event Coordinator Amaya Stevenson hosted her first event as an Event Coordinator with PAC — Karaoke Night In.

“This is my very first event that I’ve ever planned and executed,” Stevenson said. “I picked karaoke just because the whole time that I’ve been a student here, they haven’t done a karaoke night and I really think that karaoke is fun.”

During the event, there were a total of twenty different songs performed by multiple students. Some even choosing to karaoke together in large groups.

Among the performers were students Steven Page, Janiya Williams, Kemp Kinder, and Grace McMullen.

Stevenson said that there was a bigger turn out than she initially anticipated.

“I kind of estimated like twenty to thirty so, I think there’s 20 or so in there now, which is more than I did expect because it’s an evening event and a lot of people don’t come back on campus for things.”

Stevenson chalks up the successful turnout to the fun factor of karaoke, an event which allows students to take the stage and show their skills, or lack thereof, and having a good time singing together. “You don’t have to be able to sing,” Stevenson said.

“We had people that were singing and they were really good at it and then you’ve had me, and Jadance and we sound horrible, but it’s okay. We’re up there having fun and laughing and like seeing everybody else laughing and clapping and having fun like it was really cool.” PAC has many other events in their plans as well.

Their next activity will take place in the coming weeks and consists of students creating their own personal moss ball aquariums.

“The next event that we’re hosting is actually Jadance’s event,” Stevenson said. “We’re making moss ball aquariums… it’s gonna be down in the MCC, I believe, and you just come to the table and make your little moss ball aquarium, and I think that’s happening in a couple weeks.”

Cameron University’s PAC is looking to supplement the laughter by accepting new members to create new events for the coming semesters and support the rest of the team with ideas and hosting assistance.

“If you want to join PAC, you can,” Stevenson said. “Our meetings are Mondays at 6:15 p.m. We have a zoom option, or you can come. They’re in the Buddy Green Room and anybody’s welcome to join.

There’s no dues, and your student activity fees pay for all the events we host on campus.”

Visit the PAC meetings to become a part of the next event and to have the opportunity to share your ideas with the rest of the council. For more information, email PAC at

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