Feast your eyes and stack your plate high

Feast your eyes and stack your plate high

By Ashlin Penn

Staff Writer

Cameron University offers several options for students to dine on campus including the Cafeteria, the McMahon Centennial Complex (MCC) Food Court, and the much-anticipated Library Café.

These dining options are catered towards students who choose to live on campus, but are available and encouraged to commuters as well as staff.

Residents can use their meal plan to purchase items, and all others can use cash or a credit card.

Some changes have been made this semester, mainly to do with the Hours of Operation; The MCC Food Court is no longer open on weekends as it used to be.

To compensate for this, Food Court items are being offered in the Cafeteria during its operating hours.

The Cafeteria offers an all-you-care-to-eat buffet with a salad bar, pizza, and a selection of handmade sides and entrees.

It gives students, particularly residents, a homemade feel.

The MCC Food Court has the Pick Axe Grill, Pizza Hut Express, Sub Connection, Freshens Smoothies, Starbucks Coffee items, as well as grab-and-go retail options like soda or chips.

All of the dining options on campus are provided and managed by a catering company Sodexo.

General Manager Joseph Worrell opened up about the changes to on-campus dining since COVID-19.

“As far as covid procedures this year, we’ve went back to dishes,” he said. “Whereas this time last year when we opened up, we did all paper cups, all plastic silverware, and we were even doing paper plates.”

There have even been more tables added to the dining areas to accommodate students in larger groups. Student-Athletes regularly go to the cafeteria and prefer to dine together.

Worrell also emphasized the procedures they were taking to serve students as safely as possible.

“We’ve taken necessary precautions to make sure that we protect ourselves and the students,” he said. “You’ll see Sodexo staff wearing a mask even though there’s not a mandate for it on campus.”

Students are encouraged to get involved at Dining Committee meetings. They occur monthly in the Cafeteria and are meant for students to give feedback and make suggestions.

E-mail notifications are sent with specific information about meeting times to students’ Cameron University G-Mail address.

I asked JoJo Turnpaugh, who is a student resident, about her dining experience since she’s lived on campus. “Out of the four years I’ve lived here, it’s gotten a lot better,” she said.

“We’re under new management, and I feel like Joseph is doing a really good job listening to what the residents want.”

One thing that students have suggested is more options across campus.

Students will have another option on campus, as construction on the Café in the Library is concluding. Worrell said that the Cafe will be managed and operated by Sodexo.

Additionally, students can expect to be able to use their Flex Cash from their meal plan at the Cafe.

Specific hours for each option and any updates are posted to Cameron University’s website under the Dining Services tab.

Sodexo is also active on Facebook @CameronDining and on Instagram @ CUAggieDining.

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