Cameron Pride Reborn

By Cade Taylor

Staff Writer

At 5 p.m. on Sept. 8 in the Center for Writers in Nance Boyer, Cameron University PRIDE (CU PRIDE) held their first meeting for the 2021-2022 school year.

Discussions were mostly about what the group hopes to achieve this semester and what they would like to
see happen inside the organization.

Topics discussed at the first meeting consisted of the new CU Pride logo, fundraising ideas, Fall and Spring events,
and potentially setting up brand new social media accounts.

The long term plan discussed was a potential Drag Show for Cameron University students in the Spring semester.

CU Pride, like many other organizations, is in its rebuilding stages having it’s membership count affected by COVID-19.

Before the pandemic, there were four times the number of members, and they are hoping to gather those numbers again.

CU Pride President Cam Alsbrook hopes that, amid the Covid pandemic, the organization can be a safe space for
students on campus and members of the lawton community.

“We want to be an open space for people to come and find solace from any problems that they might have,” Alsbrook said. “And, also have an environment to where they may feel safe to talk about their problems with people.”

Alsbrook was elected President of the organization just before the pandemic went into full effect, but he has been a valued member of CU Pride since 2017.

Academic Success Coordinator Rachel Monzingo is also part of the organization, helping it run efficiently as the Club Advisor, assisting Alsbrook and the other officers on whatever they might need.

“It’s very new this year in the sense that we’re trying to rebrand and recreate to get people to be actively involved,” Mozingo said.

“So we’re kind of at the foundation stage right now. So, I just support students in that whether it be helping communicate between faculty and staff, organizing rooms, or making sure the budgets good. But really, Cam and the students are the star[s] of the show.”

Since the current members are in the process of rebuilding the organization from the ground up, CU Pride is currently looking for members who wish to fill permanent spots for their officer positions.

The current positions that need coverage are vice president, treasurer, secretary, and a possible social media coordinator once the group can regain a reputable number of members again.

Alsbrook is the current sitting president for CU Pride, however, at the end of October, the organization will also be looking for his replacement, as he steps down to focus on his studies and upcoming graduation.

Members of the organization meet bi-weekly at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, but officers must attend weekly meetings.

Officers need to meet twice a month for officer meetings and twice a month for regular meetings with the other active members of the group Students have the choice to attend the meetings in person or join via the Zoom link that is located on the CU Pride Facebook page.

With the current rebranding in process, there is no limit to what the pride organization could do or become.

In the past, the organization has had monthly potlucks, hosted panels open to students and the community, and participated in multiple different community events.

CU Pride is open for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as any allies who wish to join.

Although the organization may be intended for CU students, it is open for the entire community, not just people who attend Cameron University.

For CU Pride registration or any questions you may have, you can contact Cam Alsbrook at or Rachel Mozingo at

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