A COVID-19 Update with Vice President Jerrett Phillips

A COVID-19 Update with Vice President Jerrett Phillips

By Cam Alsbrook

Managing Editor

Over the summer, Cameron has made changes to mask and classroom policies to reflect federal mandate and as a result, masks are encouraged but not required, and classrooms can move to online / Zoom format.

Cameron Vice President Jerrett Phillips said that the new classroom policy, passed on Sept. 7, said that if a positive COVID-19 case is reported to the Coronavirus Hotline, a classroom could move teaching to Zoom for 14 calendar days..

“Additionally, the Hotline will send (an) email to affected students with a text message to refer the student to read their
email,” Phillips said. “As we work cases, the Hotline will notify students about their individual status.”

The classroom policy was one of many topics discussed by Phillips, the Coronavirus Taskforce Chair, Faculty Senate Council of Chairs, Human Resources and Executive Council.

Other topics included the recent Comanche County Health Department (CCHD) clinics for vaccinations, Covid testing and the vaccine incentive.

The vaccine incentive allows students, faculty and staff to receive $100, with proof of full vaccination, which counts for
both doses of either Moderna or Pfizer’s vaccines.

The type of vaccine, dose counts and possible booster shots are determined by the CCHD, and Cameron will continue to host clinic drives to assist the department in contacting the community.

If the pandemic begins to improve, Phillips said the Coronavirus Hotline’s name would change depending on the

“The Coronavirus Hotline will remain active so long as our students, faculty and staff might be negatively impacted by the coronavirus,”

Phillips said. “Looking forward, we will likely close the Hotline when we are clear of this pandemic.

However, we will complete a full after-action review of our pandemic response in preparation for any future outbreaks.”

The university is evaluating the possibility of incorporating the Coronavirus Hotline model toward other areas, such as enrollment.

Students who receive testing on-campus will be notified via emails and texts about their Covid status as soon as possible, since it is policy that if a student is ill, they cannot attend classes.

The university highly encourages students, faculty and staff to wear masks and follow safety precautions, and signs are currently placed across campus.

University action against the Covid pandemic is ongoing and is expected to remain ongoing past the Spring 2022 semester.

For more information, contact the Covid Hotline at 581-2676.

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