Smell the roses: Things to do over the summer

Smell the roses: Things to do over the summer

Stop and smell the roses: Things to do over the summer

Written by Makenna Hill

The end of the semester is upon us.

What are your plans for this summer?

Will you take summer classes, participate in an internship, or maybe get a summer job?

Personally, I think that it is a great idea to do something to better yourself this summer. That could include taking a vacation (everyone is in need of a break), starting a hobby that you have always wanted to try, studying a topic that interests you, or practicing a skill. The possibilities are endless! Think about how choosing to improve yourself in some way can benefit you in the future.

Take a vacation.

You can be as creative as you would like with this term. For example, you could go on a road trip with friends for a weekend. I actually did this a few weeks ago. We explored new towns, took lots of pictures, ate new foods and drinks, and explored various local attractions. 

One place that we went to was the Museum of Illusions in Dallas, Texas. The nice thing about the Museum of Illusions was that they offer a student discount to those with a student ID.  

Go camping. 

This can push you to try something new if you are not an outdoor person. Also, life is really put into a more simplistic perspective because you have to be creative in how you prepare food and do other normal everyday activities. 

Other places that you could potentially go to are the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge or the Great Plains State Park. You can also plan a kind of vacation in your own home. This could be to have a movie marathon in your living room or try new baking recipes that sound delicious to you. 

Try a new hobby.

Some hobbies include drawing, photography, reading, painting, gardening, exercising and cooking. For drawing, you could look up tutorial videos on how to draw different things. 

You could also take a formal art class or you could just experiment by drawing what inspires you. 

For photography, you can just take pictures on your phone. The camera quality on phones is pretty great these days, so you don’t have to spend money on a camera. This idea can also take away the pressure of feeling like you need to take professional photos. 

Reading is an easy hobby to start. I mean, you already have the reading part down if you’re reading this right now. The next step is to find a genre you like, an author, or a book list if you are not sure what you want to read. 

Painting is another hobby that allows you to express your creativity. If you just know you should avoid starting with a blank canvas you could try something like paint-by-numbers or finger painting. 

The goal is just to have fun in doing something creative and having that feeling of accomplishment in the end. 

Gardening is also a fun hobby. This is a term I would define as caring for plants. You could do a more traditional garden with flowers and shrubs or something in the realm of growing your own food. This could include things such as vegetables and spices. 

I would also consider taking care of houseplants as a form of gardening. There are so many different options when considering overall maintenance for each plant. Also, spring is the perfect time to find plants in stores. So, if that is something that interests you should take advantage of the timing! 

Take up cooking/baking.

I consider these to be in the same category because you are preparing food to eat. I personally prefer baking because I love all the different kinds of sweet pastries. 

With that being said, you can take on this hobby by finding recipes on the internet, taking a cooking class, or just making your own food creations. Plus, you can eat some of the (hopefully delicious) food that you make! 

Develop a new skill.

You could learn about a different culture by reading literature, researching traditions, holidays, and even the weather from a certain area. In the future, you might even be able to use that information for a research paper.

You could work on a skill like typing. For example, I can type at a normal speed, but I hit the delete button as much as I do the letter buttons on my keyboard. I could practice my typing on websites and some even have typing games. My point is that learning a new skill or information doesn’t have to be boring.


The past year has brought on many new stresses: the pandemic, presidential election, civil unrest, etc. It’s important to take the time to take care of you. 

Netflix and chill. Take a bath. Shop. 

Whatever it is you do, make sure to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

Overall, I recommend that you take at least one of these ideas to implement into your life this summer. I promise you won’t regret it. You might find a lifelong hobby or gain a new experience on which you can reminisce. It is good to try something new. 

Life is short, so make the most of it by trying new things and enjoying life a little more!

Spring in action: According to NBC, studies show that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. Getting into house plants is a great hobby with long-lasting improvements for your everyday life.

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