Open mic: Poetry and Chill

Live music, anyone? The Black Student Association (BSA) hosted an open mic night for Poetry and Chill at 7 p.m., Feb. 24, in the McCasland Ballroom.

The band, Emmanuel Salewon (saxophone), Rich Musiq (bass), Isaiah Thomas (drums) and Chelsea Renée (keyboard), played as host; Gregory the Second worked the room.

That’s a rap: (Above left) Anna-lisa Wiley showed off her talent with a thrilling high-energy performance. (Above right) BSA President Ka’Tavia West pulled a ticket for the first raffle.

(Below right) Musician Bannister Chaava serenaded the crowd with original music. (Below left) Maeisha Adams performed her ardent poem “Dignity”. Photos by Alison Malawey.

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