“Nurture the Spirit, challenge the mind”

By Lea Killian

Managing Editor

At 5 p.m. on Sept. 26, students and advisors involved in Cameron Campus Ministry (CCM) met at Lost Lake in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
(WMWR) to hike the trail marked through the area.

Led by Mike Morgan, CCM Chairman, and Peter Macias, Coordinator for Student Ministries, the group hiked alongside the lake, following the beaten path winding through the rocky terrain.

Oftentimes, they stopped to listen to Morgan describe the local flora and fauna and recount his childhood stories of exploring the refuge, including one particular story detailing when he was able to swim in the 40-foot hole, another WMWR attraction.

Macias, on the other hand, had only visited the refuge once before when CCM hiked the Jed Johnson Trail over the summer.

He often stopped to take photos of the scenery, joking with the other hikers that the group was out searching for Sasquatch.

Macias also expressed that he was not aware of all the hiking trails available to explore in the WMWR, and looks forward to CCM’s next hike on Oct. 24. The group will be exploring the Narrows trail, a popular three-mile hike that showcases Oklahoma’s natural beauty.

For Macias and Morgan, this beauty is proof of a higher power – and why they hope to encourage other CU students to join in on their hiking experiences.

“Spending time in nature allows me to be in a place where I can be still and stand in awe and wonder of the beauty of creation,” Macias said. “It reaffirms my faith in the world and in humanity.”

According to CCM’s promotional YouTube video, churches throughout the Lawton-Fort Sill community first initiated CCM in 1968 as a way to minister to the spiritual needs of all students, faculty and staff at CU.

These churches were determined to “engage the campus as a partner in the process of growth and higher learning.”

Now, CCM is a pillar of diversity and inclusion on campus that encourages social awareness and consideration for other walks of life. For Macias, this is an important aspect of CCM.

As the only ecumenical organization in the state of Oklahoma, we are supported by various Christian organizations, as well as Muslim,” Macias said.

That includes Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic, Universal Unitarian and Muslim.

Although these organizations differ in their doctrines, a common thread runs through all of them.

“That thread includes love and inclusion for all, creating and maintaining a safer world for our future generations, as well as fighting for social justice issues like human rights, civil rights and environmental justice.”

If students are interested in joining CCM or simply accompanying the group on their next hike, they may contact Peter Macias at peter.macias@ccmcenter.org.

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