Pickaxes Compete in Tik Tok Cup

Cameron University’s esports team “The Pickaxes” were able to enter their Rocket League team into the Tik Tok Cup Qualifiers through the Cstartleague at https://cstarleague.com. 

The team had 6 of their members able to play from home during the Tik Tok Cup qualifiers on May 10th and May 17th.

The esports team coach Mr. Cunningham was able to join Discord and communicate with the team while also communicating with the opponent’s team coordinators.

Mr. Cunningham was able to join up with the teams in the game and get them warmed up for about an hour before the start of the tournament. 

The qualifiers for this tournament were single elimination brackets with the best of 5 series of games.

On May 10th, Team 1 had a record of 1-1 with a win over Texas A&M in the first round, but a loss to James Madison University in the second round. 

Unfortunately, Team 2 was not able to get a win and suffered a loss to Texas Tech University.

Also, on May 17th, it seems the teams would have to face the same fate. 

The Pickaxes 1st team had a record of 1-1 with a win over the University of St. Thomas Minnesota, but a loss to LSU in round 2, which I may add is one of the top teams in the nation. 

Team 2 was faced with some tough opponents in round 1 and was not able to secure a victory and suffered a loss to the University of Texas Austin.

The team had a great time and we’re just glad to still be able to compete on some level during this pandemic.

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