Men’s Basketball Takes First Win

By David Perkins
Sports Editor

At 3 p.m., on Nov. 30, in the Aggie Gym, the Cameron men’s basketball team won their first game of the season 71-73, after making a second-half comeback against the University of Central Oklahoma.

The Aggies were able to keep up with the Broncos at the beginning of the game but fell 16 points behind by the end of the first half.

The second half would see the Aggies overcome the double-digit deficit to surge past the Broncos and take the lead in a nail-biting finish.

The Aggies have struggled to finish on top this year and are still reeling from early season injuries of key players.

Cameron head coach Andrew Brown said the team has been working on making adjustments based on new team members.

“It changed who we were a little bit,” Brown said. “So we’ve made adjustments to make sure that what we’re doing fits with the personnel we are putting on the court.

“In the last two games, those adjustments have really kicked in, and really, we should have won both games.”

Brown said the team is still finding their identity defensively and getting better at closing out games offensively.

“We’ve got a number of guys who can go out and get a basket when we need one,” Brown said. “We just need to make sure everybody is on the same page when we close out games.”

Cameron guard Tyler Williams helped lead the team to victory with a season-high of 19 points in the game.

Williams feels the team is improving with every game.

“This season, we started off a little slow, but every game has been getting closer and closer,” Williams said.

“In this game, we pulled it out and now we just want to keep moving forward from here on.”

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