Learning Opportunities “Tea Time with Stephanie”

By Kimb Fey

Copy Editor

At 4 p.m., on most Mondays, Journalism and Media Production (JRMP) students gather to produce the CUTV show “Tea Time.”

Hosted by JRMP senior Stephanie Roberts, “Tea Time with Stephanie” covers a broad spectrum of popular culture news, from a celebrity’s new Instagram account to Uno releasing cards for blind people.

Roberts said she heard that if a student worked on one of the CUTV shows already in production, such as “Film Geek,” “Game Time” or “For the Record with Justin Rose,” then they might have the opportunity to direct or host their own show.

“I worked on all three of them the whole semester,” Roberts said. “Dr. Jenkins was like, ‘Hey, would you like a show? Would you like to direct or host a show?’ and I was like, ‘I would love to host a show!’”

Roberts knew that the experience she’d get as a show host would be helpful in her pursuit of becoming a video editor for TV shows or movies. 

“I produce the whole show,” Roberts said. “I write the scripts, all the graphics, all the editing. So, if I think an episode is really good, I can put it in my portfolio. This is something I can use. I like to have it, to be like, ‘Look, I can do more than just edit. I can host. I can produce. I can sort-of direct, if you need me to.’ So, it’s kind of good to have that versatility because people really like that.”

However, Roberts also relies on a whole crew of students for the final product.

JRMP junior Alexis Hagen directs “Tea Time with Stephanie.”

She said it’s her job to reign in the chaos of creating a show.

“As the director,” Hagen said, “I am the person in the control room who basically calls out the shots. I am kind-of like captain of the ship. You have to order people around.”

Hagen said she would like to direct at a major TV studio someday but will probably start out at a local news station.

She said her experiences at CUTV should help her get there, especially since she must be familiar with all the roles involved in TV production.

Hagen also said that all students are welcome to participate in CUTV productions.

 “I don’t think people realize that just because you’re not a JRMP major, doesn’t mean you can’t work on the shows,” she said. “Dr. Jenkins announces it to everyone in his classes, including his Principles of Communication, which is a Gen. Ed. everyone has to take. Anyone can come in and can learn about these art forms and experience that firsthand. Not everyone has access to a TV studio. We do.”

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