Connect Through Learning: Prepping for Finals with Lunch

By Brittany Otero
Copy Editor

At 11:30 a.m., on Nov. 21, the CU Center for Academic Success sponsored a prep for finals lunch in Room 1008 of Nance Boyer.

The event gave students an opportunity to share study strategies, see tips based on learning type, make appointments with Cameron tutors and have free food from Taco Bueno.

Director of the Center for Academic Success Leisha Estep said she always tries to find ways to support Cameron students.

“This is the second year we’ve done the prep for finals lunch,” she said. “We wanted to find something to connect with students on a larger scale around finals. That seems to be the time students need the most support.”
Estep said that study skills can be improved and built upon; events such as prep lunch can help students find and focus on their strengths.

“We believe being prepared is the key for a successful end of the semester,” Estep said. “so we’re trying to take different cultural approaches — trying to connect students who realize there are other people on campus who learn and process information in a very similar way that they do.”

Estep acknowledged students’ schedules and said she wanted lunch to be flexible for them.

“We understand that it’s a busy part of the semester,” Estep said. “so it’s not something that students are going to feel like they have to spend an hour on. They can spend some time here quickly in between classes.”
Estep also said that Cameron does well in offering a variety of resources.

“Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of the semester, students forget that those things are there,” Estep said. “What I hope is that students can try to get more connected with the resources at Cameron now, but to also use them in the semesters to come.

“While they’re here,” Estep said. “they could get any information they can on study tips; but also make appointments with our tutors to work with them as we lead up into finals.”

Estep encouraged students to reflect on their learning styles as an advantage and keep that in mind while moving forward.

Graphic Design freshman Austin Rivera said he enjoyed the studying tips.
“It feels pretty good,” Rivera said. “The advice they give on the cards is actually pretty useful, especially since they divide it up by learning types.”

Rivera said the resources helped him feel a little more comfortable dealing with finals stress; however, he would have preferred Taco Bell for lunch instead.

The Center for Academic Success offers assistance for all Cameron students.
Center staff can help with general tutoring, computer literacy, study skills, time management skills and test preparation strategies.

For more information about the CU Center for Academic Success as well as info about other campus resources, contact Leisha Estep at (580) 581-5911.

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