Luck of the draw: Grocery Bingo

By Cam Alsbrook

At 6:30 p.m., on Nov. 11, the Programming Activities Council (PAC) hosted Grocery Bingo in the McCasland Ballroom.

Cameron students played multiple rounds of bingo with the chance to win one of many baskets of commodities supplied by PAC.

The plastic trick or treat baskets included skittles, sodas, ramen, microwaveable macaroni, pretzels and popcorn.

Students filled up Bingo sheets by marking numbers called by the announcer to reach the objective of the round such as forming an ‘X’ pattern on the sheet, or by filling a single file row.

After scoring a Bingo, students verified their sheets and picked out baskets to take home.

Sophomore information technology major David McDonald was ecstatic to claim his bucket.

“I felt a rush of excitement,” McDonald said. “I shouted ‘Bingo’ and jumped up so fast.”

Participants gave a round of applause as the winners claimed Bingos one by one.

Senior sports and exercise science major Alex Orta-Fowler appreciated what he got in his bucket.

“I feel amazing getting a Bingo,” Orta-Fowler said. “The event is great because I got the opportunity to get some free mac and cheese in my bucket.”

Students waited in anticipation to hear the next number called, with some calling out the ideal numbers they would want called.

During one round, multiple players won buckets and sat out for the rest of the round to give other people a chance to win.

Senior psychology major Maeisha Adams said she felt very thankful for winning.

“I wish Cameron had more events like this,” Adams said.

Members of PAC set up the event, they put out Bingo tables and played Bingo alongside the other participants.

PAC officer and psychology Junior Calista Young was ecstatic to help run the event.

“Grocery Bingo is a great opportunity to give back to Cameron and foster a sense of community on campus,” Young said. “Events like these offer students an opportunity to socialize, have a good time and even to win something they can bring home.”

PAC member and junior psychology major Kat Monaghan said students can’t go wrong with free food.

“I love setting up for this event because it is something that everyone can win from and enjoy a good time with friends,” Monaghan said.

“I think the event benefits students because they are able to play with a community of people and make new friends.”

The event meant a lot to participants, and some students, like psychology freshman Nadia Davis, made the time to go to multiple events during the semester.

“I feel that the event is a way for students to have fun and engage with other students,” Davis said. “Anytime there is an event coming up, I always find time to make it to the event no matter what it is.”

Events like Grocery Bingo provide a brief break from coursework for students.

Coordinator of Campus life Daniel McFadden said that it took about $350 to fund prizes won at Grocery Bingo.

“Grocery Bingo takes a lot of planning, from getting themed bags to buying the supplies,” McFadden said. “We try to plan our events four weeks in advance to make sure every small detail is taken care of.”

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