Aggies take Eastern State

By David Perkins

At 6 p.m., Oct. 8, at the Aggie Gym, the Aggie volleyball team won 3-2 after five sets against Ada’s East Central University.

This game marked the mid-point of the season for the women’s volleyball team and also racked up the fifth win of the season, which is already an improvement over last year’s performance of four total wins.

Cameron freshman and middle blocker Riana Blount was a leader in the game finishing with a total of 15 kills.

“It was a good game,” Blount said. “They were really tough, and they were really scrappy and some of our hiccups came from the balls that they were sending back. But overall, we did what we needed to do.”

Head coach Brandon Stephenson is now at the midpoint of his first season with Cameron volleyball.

The battle against East Central was a non-conference game providing a break from conference play as well as a brief respite from near constant road games.

The Aggies have played two-thirds of their games this season on the road so far.

When evaluating the performance of the team, Stephenson also takes into consideration how young his players are as well as how tough the Lone Star Conference (LSC) is for volleyball.

“So far we’ve performed alright even though there are probably some matches out there that we should of won,” Stephenson said.

“We are a lot younger classification-wise and team-wise than most teams, but for us that is no excuse. Also the LSC Conference is very tough. It’s just teams slugging it out.”

The Aggie volleyball team is roughly half-way through the season. The next half will see the team on their home turf more frequently.

Stephenson has faith in the team and for the rest of the season tempo is the key.

“When we get out of tempo we start to get a little sloppy at times,” Stephenson said. “Once we get back in rhythm it’s like a symphony.”

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