Aggie Rec Center Revamp

David Perkins

When Otis Gentry began working for Cameron University as Facility Manager of the Aggie Rec Center in 2013, one thing he took notice of was the need for new equipment.

“The equipment that was here when I started working had been here since I graduated,” Gentry said. “And I graduated in 2000.”

Gentry has made updating the exercise equipment at the Aggie Rec Center one of his priorities.

To make his list priorities is a very tall order considering he shows up before 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

“Sunday is my fishing day,” Gentry said. “There’s not a day I come to work not enjoying what I do.”

Every year at the Center sees an improvement in safe and functional equipment which has added up to a significant revamping of the equipment over the last couple of years.

The list of improvements spans across equipment from big to small. Everything from large complex weight machines to medicine balls and punching bags.

The older benches for free-weights were among the first items to be replaced since they had deteriorated into an unsightly state with the upholstery tearing and beginning to fray.

“Two years ago, we started off with replacing the decline bench,” Gentry said. “Then we came back the second year, and this year with replacing the leg equipment.”

The leg equipment that has been replaced includes machines capable of many leg exercises such as the leg press, leg extension, leg curl as well as a dual machine.

“It does what we call a hack-squat and a leg press as well. It’s a dual-purpose machine,” Gentry said. “We also replaced what we call our crossover machine, which is a free motion cable crossover piece of equipment,” Gentry said. “We also replaced our high row machine, which is a dual fitness machine.”

Other equipment which has been replaced in the weight room includes a new abductor machine, a pec fly machine and a shoulder and bicep machine.

The funding for the new equipment at the Rec Center comes from a capital fund which is applied for yearly. Every year Gentry tries to improve the Center with new equipment from the funding.

The improvements encompass the entire facility. The Rec Center has also acquired new free-weights, battle ropes, Zumba sticks, slam-balls and punching bags.

The cardio equipment is also in the midst of a major revamping.

Gentry has helped acquire an entirely new row of Matrix Fitness treadmills, as well as both upright and recumbent stationary bikes. Some of  which came from Fort Sill.

“Out at Fort Sill, they have a lot of equipment,” Gentry said. “So, when they get a change-over with their equipment they’ll take it and sell it to the community.”

The machines Gentry chooses for the Rec Center are a result of student and faculty wants and needs. But they are also held to a standard of safety.

“A lot of equipment ideas come from students who request equipment,” Gentry said. “They may say ‘we want this’ or ‘we need that’ and I’ll look into it. But the number one concern to me for equipment is safety. It has to be safe for the students and staff.”

Cameron Sports and Exercise Science Senior Charles Childs finds the equipment useful and tries to use the equipment at the Rec Center about four days out of the week.

“These additions have provided a lot of new ways to get certain lifts done,” Childs said. “I feel like it’s been a big help to those who want to improve their strength performance and power.”

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