CU Falls to Bisons: Gears Up got LSC Play

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Katie Livingston
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On Nov. 24, The Cameron University women’s basketball team fell 87-73 in their home game against Harding University.

The Aggies have been on a five-game losing streak since they fell against Oklahoma Christian University in the second game of the season and are struggling to regain their footing before Lone Star Conference play begins.

Cameron was sluggish in the first quarter of the game, allowing Harding to take a lead of 42-27, with Cameron shooting 26.2 percent from the floor and going 1-13 from the three-point range against Harding’s 53 percent, going 4-8 from three.

Harding was able to keep their stride at the beginning of the second quarter of the game, gaining a 17-point lead.

Cameron fought back with a seven straight and a three pointer, still unable to overtake the lead and falling in the second quarter at 21-15.

In the third quarter the Aggies were able to regain their footing, taking Harding by a two-point margin and closing out the third quarter at 24-22.

Senior guard Parfitt McNair lead Cameron by fighting for her team in the first 20 minutes of the game, taking 11 of her career-high 25 points and going 3-6 from the floor and 5-6 from the free throw line.

Later, in the second half, she shot 6-12 from the field, adding on 14 points.

By the end of the game, Cameron hit eight out of 28 shots from the perimeter and finished out by shooting just under 40 percent from the field.

The Bisons shot 35.7 percent from three, and 58.3 percent from the free throw line, shooting 52 percent from the floor.

With the loss, Cameron is now at 2-4 on the season and Harding moves to 4-1.

Senior English Major Sandesh Pokharel hopes that the team will be able to pick up their pace as they get deeper into the season.

“A win could mean they pick up the pace and end the season strongly,” Pokharel said. “I think they have potential to do a lot better than they have been doing.”

Either way, Pokharel said that the distraction from finals is a good enough reason to get out and support the team.

“They [the team] contribute to school spirit,” Pokharel said. “Watching them makes me forget that I have two essays due next week.”

Head Women’s Basketball Coach Emma Andrews also hopes that students will come out and continue supporting the team.

“I think the more people who are involved in programs the better both ways,” Andrews said. “both for the students and for the athletes to be an Aggie. I mean it’s more than just being on campus it’s being involved in those extracurricular activities.”

The Aggies’ next game will be at 3 p.m., Dec. 8, in the Aggie Gym against Lubbock Christian University.

Lubbock is 6-2 with both losses on the road.

A complete Aggie men’s and women’s basketball schedule is available online at For more information about Aggie sports contact


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